The Value of Store Benefits + Promotions

As we have gone through yet another Mega Promotion at Kroger, I thought I would finish up this series that has been in draft for, I don't know, four months!! Many stores offer similar promotions of “Buy X get X Benefit.” Knowing that some people live in a land of no promotions (what would that be, LONP?!!), I realized even more how these benefits are that much better for us especially living in our land of double coupons (LOD).

Utilizing focused couponing strategies can help you save hundreds a month. But, when you really watch sales, purchase during promotions and then understand the benefits that are also available because of your purchase from that Store (or Brand, in some cases), there is even MORE savings available to you. But, these aren't always on your receipt as you track your savings.

This week, we will explore the value that store promotions, programs and other benefits can help you save. If this is all new to you, please check out the Beginner's Guide to Saving, where you can quickly go through the 7 Steps to Shopping with Coupons. I try to simplify it for you because shopping with this focus is something that is learned over time.

So, each day this week, there will be a daily post on the subject of the Value of Store Benefits + Promotions:

  • Stockpile Savings Opportunity (SSO)
  • Maximize Store Specific Benefits
  • Store Credit Cards + Rewards
  • Loyalty Card Benefits
  • Value of Store Coupons

That's what on schedule for now. During the week if you have any questions definitely leave a comment. I will be interacting in the comments daily to make sure you understand how to master this level of shopping as well! If I need to do additional posts, I'll be ready to write 'em!

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