Stockpile Savings Opportunity

I have admitted many times that I am not brand loyal to many items. The same holds true for the stores I shop for the most part. But, with a store (and brand loyalty), you have Stockpile Savings Opportunities (SSO's) and really being to see the value of store benefits and promotions.

During store promotions of “Buy X get X Savings,” there is a huge opportunity for stockpiling and savings.  It is during these promotions when I purchase those brand specific items our family uses. Doing this just a few times a year during these promotions is easier for me to manage, and keep tabs on the inventory. My husband has even suggested we install a Kanban system. While I just laughed at him, I've recently asked him how that process would look for a grocery and personal hygiene stockpile. If I do this, I'll definitely share…even if it's just for comedy relief.

Kroger offers a P&G promotion typically twice a year. CVS will have P&G ECB Offers. Target has so many Gift Card with Purchase Deals that anyone can get it on this type of savings. With any of the stores, this is the ONLY time I purchase our Downy Fabric Softener (shout out to the Clean Breeze flavor lovers). By make my purchase during this time, I am:

  • Saving on the item since it is typically on sale along with the promotional benefit.
  • Using coupons to further reduce the price of the item.
  • Taking advantage of the Promotional Discount by purchasing the required value or quantity.

When all savings, coupons and rewards are accounted for, I usually save around 50% off of the retail price for Downy.

Now, I only purchase the supply than I need to hold me over until the next promotion. Why? My cash investment in the supply I'm purchasing has value. I would rather my money sit and gain interest, than sit in my basement stockpile and just get dusty. I'll purchase the minimum needed and let the cash gain interest.

Hop over to read Shopping with Coupons: Stockpiling to read more on my stockpile logic, as well as Penny Planning.

If there happens to be a great coupon or sale in between the standard stockpile cycle, I can replenish what I have used already allowing me to buy even less during the next Stockpile Savings Opportunity. Or, if that doesn’t happen and I happen to run out (gasp ~ the horror!), I'll bite the bullet and purchase the amount we need to get us to the next sale. Only making a purchase with coupons, of course :)

To be honest, this hasn't happened to me yet since I've started shopping smarter and utilizing Focused Couponing Strategies. And, a big piece of that includes understanding Store Benefits + Promotions!

Do you wait to purchase any stockpile items during certain promotions?
Please share your stockpile prices as well. I'm finishing my stockpile price list and
hope to have it complete in the next week to share with you too!


  1. Lane on October 11, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Hey Andrea,

    Thanks for all the great info! I thought I’d let you know that there is a broken link for “Store Benefits & Promotions” in the last line of the post. The link is but it is returning a 404 error.

    Loved this article, though!

  2. lynn @ Maven of Savin on October 12, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    I love Kanban – LOL!! Used to do it in my former life when I worked as an engineer in manufacturing! It is a FAB idea for stockpiling.

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