All You Magazine Review

September, 2009: Current Best Price is 24 Issues for just $20! That is the lowest rate you will find anywhere. Your purchase (or renewal) is supporting a non-profit too!

AllYouImage All You Magazine Offer | 8 Issues for $10

I heard about All You Magazine on a message board when I first started couponing. Per, All You is,

“a new magazine that speaks directly to value-conscious American women. In each issue, you'll get helpful articles on taking care of yourself, healthy and fast ways to feed your family, clothes you can wear and afford, do-it-yourself home repair projects and relationship advice.”

They forgot the part where they have coupons, that's like the most important part!!!

Walmart is the only store that sells All You, and I don't shop Walmart too frequently. So, purchasing a subscription was the better way to go for me. But, I needed a deal, of course!

Ebates offered as one of their daily double cash back days (find more about Ebates here). That was the best time to purchase the magazine since I could get a great price of $19.97 for a year subscription PLUS get double the cash back on my purchase (around 50% with the daily double). So, I basically paid $10 for a year's subscription. The regular cash back rebate on Ebates for is 25% so that's still GREAT!

Unfortunately, my first issue isn't scheduled to be delivered until March. But, I had to go to Wal-Mart to get something for scrapbooking (and it really has been months since I've shopped there) and saw the mag and picked up February's issue.

I was so happy when I saw some coupons I can use this week at Meijer and Kroger!!! Yes, I'm reviewing my ads for the week and Hamburger Helper is on sale for $1 at Meijer. Well, my All You coupon is for .50 off 1 box – which doubles to $1 making it FREE!!!

So, this is my review on All You. So far, I'm loving it and I've only had it for the weekend! If you do order a subscription, you can go through via Ebates to get get your 25% cash back rebate.


  1. Sharon on September 8, 2010 at 5:16 am

    Well, this is posted a little late but I just LOVE ALL YOU MAG. Because of good deals like this one I currently have a 4 year subscription (they just keep adding them on) AND every month and I mean EVERY month I also buy one off the rack. They pay for themselfs plus each month!!

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