Snack Time: A Mom’s Thoughts…

Today I had a lot on my mind, nervousness and anxiety are in my head. I really need to find some scripture to help with it because reading the Word is the only way I know to keep my mind on what's really important:

  • Will Andon's kidneys be completely healed? His appointment is tomorrow morning to test the functioning of his kidneys since his surgery…it will be hard to see him strapped on the table again…my precious babe. We appreciate all prayers! :-)
  • Speaking of Andon, I need to get his birthday party organized for our family – the little booger will be 1 soon! Praise God for our beautiful miracle!
  • Order a shower caddy for our shower. But since I'm on our cash-only diet, I won't be using cash (or credit) to pay, I'll use my gift certificate balance from all my online community rewards. I knew that amazon balance would come in handy!
  • Get to work on Carrie's recommendations on finding more ways to earn/save money and organize it all too. Since I'm going to follow along with some of her tips , I'll be eligible for the raffle she's holding – opportunity for a free gift, sign me UP! Seriously though, I'll learn some things from her tips (and she always has great tips!) and that's what I'm interested in (and winning the raffle…:-).
  • Keep my butt moving – I've had some setbacks and I need to keep on keepin' on. I was about to fall off the wagon this week, but my BFF talked me back on. It always helps to have motivation like that around for support (and a reminder of the image in that dressing room mirror doesn't hurt either)!

There ya have it!


by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on April 03, 2008

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  • Susan - April 04, 2008 @ 1:11 pm

    Andon was definitely on my prayer list this morning. He’s such a little trooper. I can’t believe he’ll be one already. Time flies. You better get on it for his birthday because there is so much to celebrate. Love ya!

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