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I have tried to design the site so it's easy to navigate. However, with all things new I know it makes sense to give you an introduction so you can find things more quickly. I will explain the site navigation so you know where you need to go to start saving today!

start here

If you are new to the site, starting here (hence the name) gives you a good overview of what you will find posted and when to expect it. It also introduces you to me and the team behind Savings Lifestyle.


When you visit the site, you will see a magazine type layout. This basically means that things aren't laid out like a traditional blog. I designed it this way to help you save more time as you scan daily posts.

I know a lot of people like the standard blog layout so we still offer that. Just click on blog link anytime you visit and you will then see the blog posts laid out one on top of the other. We aim to please and appease :)


Being a subscriber means you receive emails from Savings Lifestyle when new national deals, store coupon matchups and savings tips are posted.

Many people come just to get the national store deals. However, for those in Dayton and Cincinnati, you may want to get the local deals for your area too. Even if you subscribe we still encourage daily visits since some deals are “hot” and expire quickly.

Since we have several different sections to the site, there are a few options for you to choose from. Subscriptions are free and you only get one a day around 5 pm (EST) each day no matter how many you sign up for.

social media icons

If you want to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or only other social media site that is added (there are a lot!), these buttons will lead the way. You can quickly quick and follow on one or all of these social outlets.

Search Savings Lifestyle

Over on the right of the page, you will see the search bar. If you want to find something, this is the space to use and search the site.

Rotator Box

The rotator box rotates through five different posts. These are posts that are brought out of the archives or perhaps recently written. They are relevant to the season or time of year and geared towards informing and, of course, helping you save more money! You will want to check the site to see what's new in the box :)

Tomorrow I will share the “middle” part to the home page as well as our standard posting schedule. This will help you know what to expect and when to expect it.

More to come!


P.S., Let me know on Facebook if you plan to use the home page the way it is or use the blog link more. Getting your feedback helps me make decisions on the site navigation. If I hear that a lot of people like something one way or want a certain feature, I do listen!