Simple Stash Planning

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Melanie:

When I open a new item from my stash, I always take a black permanent marker and write the date on the item. I always carry a black sharpie marker around the house when doing chores or pulling from my stash.

I write the date on the neck of a light bulb or the inside of a roll of paper towels or toilet paper and on the outside of cleaning products or detergents and soaps. Doing this allows me to get a good idea of how fast we use items, therefore gauging how to best supply my stash.

For example, we happen to go through conditioner faster than shampoo and may end up buying it two to one in the future. I'm also checking to see if the less expensive toilet paper is going faster than our old brand.

As someone that is just starting out, I want to make sure I keep an adequate balance in the stash and don't have 6 years worth of something that will expire in 6 months when I really need 6 years worth of toilet paper!

I love this tip! LOVE it! This is a great way for anyone who is starting out to understand how much they will need to purchase.

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