Shop Year Round for Christmas

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Patti:

My savings tip is for Christmas. I shop all year round for my gifts. I go to different little shops and big retailers. I buy from the sales and get great gifts.

I start making my list right away and pay attention to those I buy for, when they are talking about what they would love to have. I have a huge plastic bin and keep it in the closet, so when I get a gift, it goes right in there and I can mark it off. This helps a lot when you have a large family!

This is a fabulous tip, and one I try to utilize as well. The Christmas Gift budgeting planner is still available to download. Print it off and keep track of who you you need to buy for and what you purchased. This should help you stay within budget too!

How do you save on Christmas spending?
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