No Sew Decorative Pillow DIY

I needed another decorative throw pillow for my oldest daughter, Ella's bed. I will admit that I AM the craft queen, but can barely sew a button on to save my life. I had leftover fabric from her window corness which will make for a nice accent pillow to bring it all together.  This pillow is simple to make and it looks just like it came from Pier 1.


:: Square soft pillow
:: About 1 yd Fabric
:: Scissors

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Lay the fabric out with the rough side facing up.

{Step 2} Place the pillow square onto the fabric.

{Step 3} Cut the fabric about 6″ away from the edges of the pillow on all four sides.

{Step 4} Grab two ends diagonal from each other and tie a knot tightly in the middle. You can pull as tightly as you would like. The tighter you pull the more oval shape the pillow.

{Step 5} Repeat with the other two diagonal ends.

{Step 6} Tuck the ends into the knot to make a bow. My knots were tight enough to hold the bow in place. For extra security, you can just use a dab of hot glue.

Project Cost

You can purchase a square throw pillow for around $2 at Ikea or you can use one that you already have around the house.

A yard of fabric is about $1.99 for a yard if you purchase from the “scrap” section along with using a 40% off coupon.  This project will cost around $4 if you have to purchase the items with discounts.

Can't wait to see your custom creations!

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on April 24, 2012

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