Sell Items You No Longer Need

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Desiree:

One thing I can recommend to other frugal moms (or dads) out there is selling items you don't need!

We recently decided to relocate and of course, had a huge garage sale and sold all the items we didn't need around our house to raise money for moving expenses. We realized the importance of letting stuff go that you never use in order to build our savings account.

We sold items in Craigslist and most of them items sold within 24 hours. People were there ready to pick up the items and pay us cash the next day! We also sold some of our nicer items that didn't sell at the garage sale on Ebay, which has been another way to make money on items you aren't really using anymore!

Our rule of thumb has and will be: if you haven't touched it all or used at all in the past year, SELL IT! Not only do these items make you money, but allow you to be more organized! We found items around our home that we had been looking for, the kids needed for school, and had repurchased because we didn't even know we had them.

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What has been successful for you as you sell old stuff?

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