How to Grow Plants from Seeds (Easy Seed Starter Hack)

Seed Starters from Toilet Paper Rolls

Easy seed starter hack using empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls. This only takes 7-10 days before the seeds start to grow!



  1. If using paper towels, cut roll into 3 to 4 inch sections.
  2. Place them upright into your empty plastic container.
  3. Fill each paper towel roll up three quarters the way with loose soil, water, and press your soil down.
  4. Place about five seeds into each paper towel roll and top off with loose soil.
  5. Water and place in a window sill in the sunlight.
  6. Water morning and night but do not flood.
  7. Seedlings should start to grow after 7-10 days (may be different according to which seeds you planted).