Secret Ways to Save on Apple Products

We are an Apple (brand) family. There are several Apple products in our home, and each of our boys use a Macbook. Of course I didn’t buy them brand new and pay full price. That’s too rich for this momma’s blood!

Apple is one of of the most popular brands out there, and for good reason. They have a large variety of electronic products that can fit the needs of almost anyone. However, items branded with the Apple logo generally tend to come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are some great ways to save a little money on their products. Here are just a couple of ideas!

Apple Trade In GiveBack Program

Apple is frequently coming up with new and improved products. One thing about Apple is that their products are always being updated. Well, when you are ready for an upgrade, you may be hesitant due to the shockingly large price tag. Not to worry.

If you no longer need your old device, trade it in during your upgrade! Pending the age and condition of your previous device, you can get a decent discount on your new device. Why not save a few bucks and trade it in, rather than allowing it to collect dust in a closet or drawer somewhere?

Don’t want to sell it to the Apple store? You can also use a site like Gazelle and send in your old products to get cash. And depending on your mobile carrier, some offer promotions to turn-in when you purchase a new phone. Bottom line: get cash for those old devices!

Apple Refurbished

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the phones and devices that people trade in during their upgrades? Apple wipes them clean, fixes any issues, tests the products, and then resells the refurbished products that are now like new, at cheaper than new prices.

Better yet, refurbished Apple certified products come with a one year warranty in case any issues arise. So what are you waiting for? Apple refurbishes all sorts of products from Macs and iPhones to Apple TV and accessories.

Sales on Apple Products

If you’re with one of the bigger cell service brands like Verizon or AT&T, keep an eye out for sales. Sometimes they will do deals like “Buy ONE iPhone and get ONE free.” Or they’ll run a sale offering $100 or $200 off if you grab the deal on the iPhone now. Saving a little bit of money on an Apple product is better than saving nothing.

During the holidays, we will see some sales on Apple products where retailers, and even Amazon, will offer gift cards with purchase. Generally, the prices on Apple products aren’t reduced much if at all so the sales on the retail price are rare, but they occur primarily during the holidays.

Buy Used Apple Products

Buying Apple products second hand can be nerve-wracking. This is why a lot of people suggest Apple Refurbished certified retailers because you get that reassurance in case something goes wrong. But, don’t let that deter you from considering other options to purchase used Apple products.

In saying that, don’t go on Facebook and buy an Apple product second hand. Go to someone you know and buy a used Apple product. I’ve purchased multiple used Macbooks and iPods from eBay. eBay offers seller protection so the risk is minimized.

Of all of the purchases, we had one instance where the computer had some weird shadow on the screen when we got it from the seller and set up things. It didn’t affect the use or viewability on the screen, but it was an obvious issue. I emailed the seller and they gave us the option to provide a small refund or return it. We took the refund, and it’s still working fine to this day.

The main takeaway when purchasing used Apple products is to buy from someone or retailer that you know and trust.

Older Apple Products

Who says you need the newest Apple product available? You don’t. You will save a lot of money by using common sense and buying an older model. As time goes on, you can upgrade and save money buying a model that is 1 or 2 generations behind the newest one.

I recently purchased an older Macbook from our go-to phone and computer repair shop. They are trustworthy and stand behind their products. I didn’t need the newest model so it was a great option for me to get another new computer at the fraction of the cost.

Apple Student Discount

If you’re a student or in education, you need to take advantage of this perk! Apple will offer a promotion that typically gives you a free product with the purchase of another product. You can also get discounts on AppleCare at this time.

This is the best time to buy if you know you’re going to purchase an Apple product! Per Apple’s guidelines, this is “available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.” You will need to show a valid student or educator’s identification to take advantage of the Apple for education promotion.

Oh, and students can get Apple Music for just $4.99 a month, which is half off. My son subscribes to this and this is the only way he listens to music now. This is an amazing deal for the access students get!

Retailer Rewards Programs

If you don’t have an Apple store nearby, and don’t want to purchase online, this option is a great one to consider if your retailer offers a rewards program! I love Best Buy, and their rewards program is one of my faves. I will go out of my way to purchase many products, including Apple products, from them because of the rewards program alone. In fact, I purchase many of my Apple certified chargers there so I can get the rewards points (which turn into gift certificates).

When you consider the retailer rewards programs into the equation, there is a small cost savings as well. Many times stores like Best Buy will also price match, and depending on the manager they could offer other perks to match what the Apple store is offering. It’s always worth asking and looking into this option to save that much more!

How have you saved on Apple Products?

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Sales on Apple products are rare but you can still save by taking advantage of Apple Trade In, Apple Refurbished, Apple Student Discount and more! via @AndreaDeckard

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