Saving Money on Holiday Meals

List of ways to save on holiday meal planning and shopping. Cooking a feast for your family can be inexpensive and delicious!

The concept of frugal holiday meals may sound like an oxymoron, but it really isn't as impossible as it may seem. There's nothing stopping you from serving up delicious holiday meals without destroying your budget in the process. The key to saving money on holiday meals is planning.

Follow these strategies to save money on your holiday meals this year:

Consider Portion Sizes

Consider your guest list to ensure that your portions match how many people will be eating. Limit waste by only buying and cooking what your guests will actually eat. If you want to have generous leftovers, simply figure them into the math as well.

Remember the Leftovers

Plan out your leftovers so you use them effectively and nothing goes to waste. Package your leftovers in portions sized for meals and store them based on when you plan to serve them. Meat and many side dishes can be frozen, so consider how you will use your leftovers to promote frugality and prevent waste.

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Grab Grocery Bargains

The day after Thanksgiving is ideal for stocking up, especially if you plan a repeat performance for Christmas. Turkeys, hams, and many of the fixings from Thanksgiving will be available at a steep discount the day after the holiday. Stock up on anything that you can freeze or store to cut down significantly on Christmas holiday meals.

Turkeys often go on sale for as little as 25% of their original price, and hams are often sold in a similar fashion. If you plan to cook something similar for Christmas, make some room in your freezer and take advantage of this sale to cut costs for your upcoming holiday meal.

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Convenience Matters

Some conveniences are worthwhile and will save you money while others will not. Canned sweet potatoes cost less than fresh, for example. Pre-baked rolls are often less expensive than making your own during the holiday season. Plan ahead to learn which convenience items will help you save money in the long run.

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Cook from Scratch

When it's possible to do so, cook from scratch. Stuffing and gravy are two staples that you can create at home more cheaply than you can buy them. Boxed mashed potatoes are cheap, but the real thing costs even less and tends to store well.

Start on your stuffing ahead of time, since you can use the heels from bread loafs or leftover stale sandwich bread. Let the bread dry out on a cookie sheet and you can use it as breadcrumbs in your homemade stuffing.

Holiday meals are meant to be enjoyable. You and your guests will enjoy the meal all the more when you're not stressed out over the cost. Plan ahead, cut costs where you can, and have a wonderful holiday meal that fits within your budget.

What is on your holiday menu this year?

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  1. Caterina B on November 25, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    I hope that lots of people are “cooking from scratch.” Why would anyone do anything else?
    Boxed mashed potatoes have no place on the Thanksgiving menu, in my opinion. It’s very easy to peel, cook, and mash a large bag of fresh potatoes. Get the kids to peel them for you.
    Also, yes, make your own stuffing. You can can easily oven dry some slices of whole wheat bread instead of buying a mix, which can be stale tasting. Add chopped and sauteed onion and celery, quite a lot of butter and chicken broth, sage, salt and pepper. Baked inside the turkey it’s savory and tastes like Grandma’s stuffing. Come on…..don’t we want to give our family and friends the best we can for this special dinner?
    Even making a pumpkin pie is easy if you opt for a pre made pie crust. AND my last suggestion…..make your own whipped cream for heaven’s sake. NO artificial whipped topping allowed, ever. Just chill a bowl and the beaters in the freezer, pour in heavy cream, whip for 2 to 3 minutes then add 2 T. sugar and a t.. of vanilla and whip some more. It’s so simple and much better made that way!

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