Save More with Social Media!

I am guest blogging today for Slice at the Simply Sliced blog. If you're not familiar with Slice, it is an app to help you organize everything you buy online (it's pretty cool). This app will definitely come in handy with the upcoming online holiday shopping! I would encourage you to download it in the iTunes store or in the Android marketplace asap!

My post, Social Media Tips to Save More, shares how to use social media to save more and score freebies! I'm active on so many social media networks and have found many ways to take advantage of discounts and offers from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more!

I'd love to hear your thoughts as well, so please comment on the post and share how you have used social media to save.

Disclaimer: I am a paid freelance writer for many companies, including the Simply Sliced blog. I hope you found this contribution valuable to you as a reader of Savings Lifestyle. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.