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Save on Halloween Parties

Ways to Save on Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are not known for being especially expensive affairs, but expenses can certainly pile up if you are not careful. Like any party, Halloween is not about how much money you spend or how fancy your decorations are. Halloween is about friends, family, spooks and scares. That can be accomplished for a very small budget.

Some like to have a little fancy with their party and that is possible too. Here are some tips to have a little bit of both at your next Halloween bash:

Dollar Store Scares

To have the ultimate Halloween party, you simply have to embrace the Dollar Store culture. These places offer cheap yet inexpensive party favors and decorations that will set the mood perfectly. Why pay ten bucks for a door skeleton when you can pay one buck? This goes for themed plates, silverware, napkins, wall decorations, outdoor decorations, window decals and so on. You get the idea.

Use Technology

Your personal computer is a treasure trove of great savings if you use it properly. A few ideas:

    • Use Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon to find deals on props and party favors.
    • Search online to free printable pictures to hang with the decor.
    • Use email to send out your invitations.
    • Find printable coloring pages for the kids.
    • Map out your party schedule with games from all over the world.

The computer is an endless source of fun and savings if you dig hard enough.

Serve Simple Foods

There is no need to stress about a huge menu for Halloween. You can get by just fine with the party basics.

A bowl of potato chips, a nice dip and some finger sandwiches is plenty for a party like this. Round it off with some fruit punch and you are good to go. Halloween is all about the candy. Let your guests know that you are having a very light menu and enjoy the fun instead!

Concentrate on Fun Rather than Fancy

This means to focus your energy on the holiday and the time spent together. Put your effort into building a super-cool ghost with your kid or cooking up some spooktacular cookies. Don’t worry so much about the fancy when it comes to Halloween. Your guests just want to have fun on such a light-hearted holiday.

Rent Large Items Rather than Buy

If you plan to use something large like a fog machine or a mechanical ghost, then you should consider renting it rather than buying it. Unless you throw a party every single year, you probably won’t come out ahead if you purchase.

Don’t Forget Your Coupons

Halloween is a great time to grab the coupons and do some shopping. Use the coupon printing sites and our Store Sales Roundup to find the latest deals and coupons. With some luck, you might even be able to get everything for next to nothing! Coupons make everything easier, right?

How do you save on Halloween Parties?

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