Save More Dough by Mixing Up Dough

Photo Credit: Tiffany at Eat at Home Cooks. Recipe linked below.

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Andrea:

So many times I find good recipes for homemade pizza, but there are rarely coupons for pizza crusts or dough. So instead I use the frozen rolls (which there are always coupons for). I set aside between 6 – 8 rolls and let them rise according to package directions at room temperature.

Once they are fully thawed I throw them all in a bowl and knead well until totally incorporated. Voila! You now have a perfect pizza crust, just spray your pizza pan with cooking spray & press dough out, top with your favorite toppings. This is also great for those of us who prefer whole wheat or mulitgrain pizza crust!

Here are a few good pizza recipes to go along with your inexpensive dough:

1. Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Lynn's Kitchen Adventure
2. Homemade Pizza Sauce from Mom Advice
3. Grilled Pizza recipe at The Happy Housewife
4. Several Pizza Recipes at $5 Dinners
5. Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza at Eat at Home Cooks

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  1. Stephanie on January 11, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I LOVE this idea! I’ve never used frozen rolls. I’m going to have to look for them. I often make my own pizza dough but sometimes I’m just not in the mood and that is usually when I grab for the premade dough. :-)

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