Walmart Coupon Policy + FAQ

Walmart has an official coupon policy available. You can find the complete coupon policy in writing at Below is an FAQ to help you understand how to shop at Walmart to maximize your savings.

Current Sales and Promotions

Sale/Ad Week

Walmart does not publish a sale/ad consistently. The prices you see listed in the coupon matches are regular everyday prices.

Walmart does offer RollBack prices. However, these are inconsistent and the only way to know what has rolled back in your region is to visit the store.

Double Coupons

Walmart does not double coupons.

Tip: Depending on the product price, you may achieve a higher savings percentage if you purchased the item at a local grocer who offers double coupons, Catalina Offers and store promotions and other benefits.

Competitor Coupons

Walmart does accept competitor coupons with a listed specified price. This also includes catalina coupons that you may receive at other grocery stores or drugstores.

Ad Matching

Walmart will meet competitor pricing with advertisement proof. It is hit/miss as to various stores meeting discount grocery store prices (i.e., Aldi, Save-a-Lot) so check with the store management.

Coupon Limits

There is no limits on the amount of products you may purchase with coupons.

Internet Printable (IP) Coupons

Walmart accepts IP coupons of any kind as long as there is a legible bar code for coupon redemption.


Walmart does allow for overage. This means you may potentially receive money back if your coupons exceed the purchase price.

Tip: Purchasing the trial size products with applicable coupons is a great way to receive overage.

B1G1 FREE Sale

You may use (2) coupons on a B1G1 Free Sale.

Resusable Bag Credit

Walmart does not offer a reusable bag credit.

Other Questions?

Contact the store manager or double check the Walmart Coupon Policy.

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