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Meijer has just recently released an updated coupon policy. I would suggest printing this information to have with you in case of need for reference. Here is the most recently updated information:

Current Sales and Promotions

Sale/Ad Week

The ad dates vary upon region. In Cincinnati, all weekly sales begin on Sunday and last thru Saturday. You can find the current ad information online at

Double Coupons

Coupon doubling policies also vary by region. Your store will know the exact details of their policy.

The Cincinnati, OH Region Meijer store policy is as follows:

Coupons for $.50 or less will be doubled. Any coupons between $.50 and $1 will be redeemed at $1. Coupons over $1 are redeemed at face value. Meijer limits two identical coupons to doubling.

Other region Meijer stores do not double coupons at all.

Competitor Coupons

Meijer will accept competitor coupons from major competitors in each store’s trading area, for Grocery and or for Health and Beauty Care items. They will also accept coupons from major competitors for General Mechandise items only if the competitor’s price point is included. The item must be the identical item on the coupon for the match to occur.

Meijer does not accept competitor coupons for beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, double and triple coupons, clearance, percent off, total trans- action discounts, special promotions, gift card promotions, limited quantity items, mail-in rebate offers, and going out of business sales.

Coupon Limits

There are no limit on the amount of product or coupons you use. However, remember that you are only allowed to double two identical coupons.

If you are going to purchase a large volume of products, it is best to discuss with your store manager ahead of time. This will help to ensure the store stock is not depleted because of large quantities purchased. It also allows you to begin a relationship with the store manager for future occurrences.

Per the coupon policy: Meijer reserves the right to limit coupon quantities and to determine the order of application of multiple coupons and/or promotions, transactions cannot be broken up to avoid coupon stacking restrictions, and separate checklanes will not be opened or designated for customers with large coupon orders.

Internet Printable (IP) Coupons

Meijer does accept IP coupons. As with any coupon, it must be used on the product as stated on the coupon, have a scannable bar code (or at least a visible number to punch in), have a valid expiration date and an easily readable mail-to redemption address.


Meijer does not allow for overage. The register will down-value the coupon to the price.

B1G1 FREE Sale

The product to manufacturer relationship is 1 to 1. You can use two manufacturer coupons on B1G1 FREE Sales. This may be a YMMV (as I have heard from others).

$3.29 Hefty One-Zip B1G1 FREE
$1 in the 12/7 RP Insert (exp 12/31)
Net Price $.65 each

Since you are using two $1 coupons, that takes the $3.29 total for both down to $1.29 making your individual price $.65 (or $1.29).

You can also use a B1G1 FREE coupon on a B1G1 FREE sale. The coupon cancels out the item you purchase, you will receive both items FREE!

Meijer Mealbox

Meijer offers store coupons in the Meijer Mealbox. These coupons CAN be stacked with manufacturer coupons for additional savings.

Meijer mPerks Coupons

Meijer mPerk STORE Coupons CAN be stacked with manufacture coupons for additional savings.  Meijer mPerk MANUFACTURE Coupons CAN NOT be stacked with manufacture coupons.  You can tell the difference between the two by hovering over the terms and conditions.  Manufacture coupons will have either no writing at all or will have redemption instructions.  Store coupons will have terms and conditions discussing the coupon can not be used with any additional Meijer discount coupons.

This distinction is a new policy and may change rapidly.  We will keep you up to date with all information as we learn it!

Other Questions?

Contact your local store manager.

Contact Meijer Customer Service or call 1-877-363-4537.