Jungle Jim’s Coupon Policy + FAQ

Jungle Jim's does not have an *official* coupon policy available. However, along the way there are questions I have asked and received answers to better understand how to be an informed shopper.

Current Sales and Promotions

Sale/Ad Week

Jungle Jim's weekly sales begin on Monday and last thru Sunday. You can find the current ad information online at JungleJims.com.

Double Coupons

Jungle Jim's accepts manufacturer's coupons at face value. They do not double coupons.

Competitor Coupons

Jungle Jim's will accept coupons with another store's logo as long as the coupon says “Manufacturer's Coupon.”

Coupon Limits

There is no limits on the amount of product you may purchase unless stated in the ad. Jungle Jim's does not limit the number of coupons you may use.

If you are going to purchase a large volume of products, it is best to discuss with your store manager ahead of time. This will help to ensure the store stock is not depleted because of large quantities purchased. It also allows you to begin a relationship with the store manager for future occurrences.

Internet Printable (IP) Coupons

Jungle Jim's does not accept IP coupons of any kind.


Jungle Jim's does not allow overage. They will reduce the coupon value down to the price of the item making it free.

B1G1 FREE Sale

In most cases, Jungle Jim's B1G1 Free sales work so that each item will ring up half price. That means that with a B1G1 sale you may purchase just one item for 1/2 price. You can use two manufacturer coupons on B1G1 FREE Sales when buying 2 of the item. Fresh meat B1G1 sales are the only ones that you must buy 2 to get the sale.

Resusable Bag Credit

Jungle Jim's does not offer a reusable bag credit.

Other Questions?

Contact the store manager.

Contact Jungle Jim's Customer Service or at 513-674-6000.

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