Dorothy Lane Market Coupon Policy + FAQ

Dorothy Lane Market is a unique shopping experience. Definitely keep this in mind while shopping there. They carry many specialty items, local brands, and organic produce and meat.

The service is the best! They truly value their customers and are always willing to help you while you are shopping in their stores! They will offer to help you out and load your car too!

Current Sales and Promotions

Sale/Ad Week

The sale week runs from Wednesday through Tuesday evening. You can also shop online at

Store Loyalty Card

Club DLM is a rewards program to allow you to purchase deals at great prices. You will receive a Club DLM Card that is scanned during each purchase to get the weekly sale prices. It is very similar to the Kroger plus card, however, every swipe will get you entered into their monthly drawing. If you have not joined, you can join Club DLM.

Double Coupons

Dorothy Lane Market offers unlimited double coupons as follows:

Coupons for $.50 or less will be doubled. Any coupons between $.50 and $1 will be redeemed at $1. Coupons over $1 are redeemed at face value.

Coupon Limits

There are no limit on the amount of product or coupons you use.

If you are going to purchase a large volume of products, it is best to discuss with your store manager ahead of time. This will help to ensure the store stock is not depleted because of large quantities purchased. It also allows you to begin a relationship with the store manager for future occurrences.

Internet Printable (IP) Coupons

Dorothy Lane Market does accept IP coupons. As with any coupon, it must be used on the product as stated on the coupon, have a scannable bar code (or at least a visible number to punch in), have a valid expiration date and an easily readable mail-to redemption address.

Stacking Coupons

You can stack Dorothy Lane Market coupons with Manufacturer's Coupon to save even more.

Dorothy Lane Market Coupons

Just shop with them and swipe your card. If you have been shopping with them, you will receive a newsletter. The last page will have your coupons.

The more you shop, the higher the coupon value. One of my favorites, is when they send a coupon for a percentage off your shopping trip! I love DLM coupons because they are normally for produce, meat and other items that normally do not have a manufacturer's coupon. Also, they tend to be the best deals. Normally, around Easter they will have a coupon for a dozen eggs for $.12. Now that is a Deal!

Dorothy Lane coupons have an expiration date, but they are often accepted if they are expired. Check with your store manager on this one though.

Resusable Bag Credit

Dorothy Lane offers 5 Cents per reusable bag used for each shopping visit. Simply tell your cashier how many bags you are using and they will apply the credit to your transaction.

Other Questions?

Contact your local store manager or Dorothy Lane Market Customer Service.