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Amy Michelle Cosmo Bag

I have been searching and searching for a bag for my laptop. The really cute bags I could  find would only hold laptops with a 16 inch or smaller screen.  For laptops like mine with a 17 inch screen, I could only find boring, plain, black or gray suitcase or briefcase looking bags.  My search has ended though and thanks to Amy Michelle I now have a great new bag!


This bag, the Cosmo, is priced at $99.95.  Considering that even the too small bags I looked at were $79 and higher, this bag is a pretty good value for my need.  I have to share that while Amy Michelle markets their bags as an all in one, one of those uses is a diaper bag.  I know that the diaper bags I used cost far less than this but it has been 6 1/2 years since I last bought one.  That said, I’m sure that there are far more expensive diaper bags out there too.


The Amy Michelle Cosmo bag is very versatile.  My laptop fits comfortably inside with plenty of room for other things too.  I was surprised that it can even hold my coupon binder.

There are many inside pockets in this bag.  I especially like the easy to find key ring.  I can see myself skipping a purse and just carrying this bag when taking my laptop on the go.  I like that I won’t have to go digging in the bottom of it for my keys.

I’m pretty picky about how a bag feels when I carry it.  The double straps stay comfortably on my shoulder.  The buckle closure outside pocket can be easily accessed while the bag is on my shoulder.


Thank goodness my purpose for this bag is to carry my laptop, not diapers and such. (3 boys is enough for me!) Regardless of what is in the bag though, I love, love, love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.  It has so much more style than the animal print or denim striped diaper bags I carried years ago.

When I first saw it online I asked my hubby and boys what they thought of it (secretly afraid that they say “Why do you need a diaper bag?”)  Each asked if I’d found a new purse. Thanks guys!  That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!


The best way to save on this or any Amy Michelle bag is to use Amazon Gift Cards earned through Swag Bucks searches.  Amy Michelle bags can be found online at their website, on Amazon or at these stores nationwide.  I wonder if a store near you ever has coupons or runs sales on Amy Michelle bags?

Facebook or Twitter are both great ways to stay in touch with new Amy Michelle products, events and possibly deals too.

Disclaimer: I received the Cosmo Bag from Amy Michelle to provide my honest opinions. This post has not been previewed or edited by the company. See the site Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

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