Product Spotlight: Dyson DC24 Blueprint

I received a Dyson DC24 Blueprint last fall from Dyson. I was looking to purchase one and was excited that they needed some testers to share their opinion on this new, limited edition, vacuum.


This specific model is priced around $420 on Amazon. Knowing that our other vacuum cleaner lasted 5 years, a good vacuum is an investment I am willing to spend more on. Especially hearing great reviews on the Dyson brand. We would have purchased this vacuum either way.


It's a vacuum. You vacuum with it :) The DC24 Blueprint has additional functionality you rarely see in vaccums. There is a unique Flat Out head that is great for vacuuming under furniture.

It's also versatile enough to be used for multiple functions. My husband cleaned out the car with it as well. There are multiple attachments that pull out (which he is vacuuming with) that worked great. Typically those attachments lose their suction, but this did not.

Dyson DC324 Blueprint Paul


I have tried very hard to come up with something negative to say because this vacuum is awesome! Seriously, it picks up lint on our dark rug. Before we got the Dyson, we would spend twice the time to clean up the rug in our family room. It's one of those rugs that picks up every speck of lint humanly possible. Seriously, it keeps everything! So the first time I vacuumed, it sucked it all up instantly, I was sold!

We have various types of floors in our home: hardwood, carpet, rugs, ceramic. I loved that the DC24 Blueprint went from hardwood to carpet without adjusting any settings. Most vacuum cleaners I have used require adjusting the suction head up for various surfaces. We were able to keep it seamlessly going from various textures and surfaces without doing anything. That helped with getting the job done faster.

I also was appalled at how much dirt we picked up with the first vacuum using the Dyson. I mean, I know we have three boys but we don't live like pigs! This thing got up lint from our carpets from when we had it installed 5 years ago – no joke!! It was insane how much we threw out of the canister!

I especially like that it is easy enough for our kids to use too. All Dyson vacuums are unique with the Ball technology, and I think that helps for kiddo use as they push around surfaces. T begrudgingly uses it but Caleb is all over it as you can see. He will even get the pull-out attachment stair tool to get the baseboards, which obviously also works for stairs (hence the name “stair tool”)

Dyson DC324 Blueprint

I like that the stair tool is longer than our other vacuum's similar accessory. I'm not sure what the standard length is, but it is longer. I guess if I had one request it would be to make the pull-out attachment even longer. If you figure how long the average stairway is, having it long enough to go up an entire stair case without having to drag the vacuum up would help. We could make it all but three stairs before we had to bring it up the steps as we vacuumed. At least I don't have to hold it as long since it does clean faster than our older vacuum!

Another thing that made me even consider Dyson was the AAFA Certification (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). All three of our boys have allergies, and some of them are environmental. Two of our sons also have asthma (I know, how did I get so lucky, right??!!). Dyson vacuums are asthma and allergy friendly. Since the season changes can really wreak havoc on our boys, I will be interested to see if using this helps. So far, we haven't had any major attacks and the pollen has definitely been HORRIBLE here in this part of Ohio!

Read more specifications on the Dyson DC24 Blueprint. There are so many great features about this model, and even more info about what makes Dyson unique!


Well, I have seen a few sales on this model since we have had ours. But, the best way to get it cheap is to earn Amazon Gift Cards through Swag Bucks searches and buy it that way. I also have friends who have purchased resale/remanufactured Dyson products through Amazon as well and they have had success. That is another option to try to get it cheaper.

Also consider the long-term maintenance cost required to see if it's the right produce and price for you. Dyson products do not require bags or filter replacements. You can wash the filter!! That's a small long-term savings right there!

Do you own a Dyson? I'd love to hear your thoughts as well!

Disclaimer: I received the DC24 Blueprint from Dyson to provide my honest opinions. This post has not been previewed or edited by the company. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

See original post and comments for the DC24.


  1. Julie C on March 29, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Sounds like a great vacuum!

    How did Dyson find you so you could try it for free? Inquiring vacuum user in need of a good/GREAT vacuum would LOVE to know.

    • Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 29, 2011 at 9:55 pm

      Julie, I actually reached out to Dyson to inquire if they had any campaigns they needed bloggers for and turns out they did! I do love this vacuum. It makes cleaning so much easier!

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