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Best Products to Cover Grey Hair Between Colorings

How to Cover Grey Hair at Home

Before applying the product to my roots.

I have grey hair. There, I admitted it. Actually, I started to get grey in my early 20’s. I’m convinced it was because I poked fun at a friend. And, then it happened to me less than a year later. So, I’m always on the lookout for ways to cover my grey hair.

When my father passed away, I’m convinced that the stress of life took a toll and caused me to grey even more. I’ve done the research to see if you can reverse grey and it’s just not possible. I’ve heard an increase in some vitamins will help, but that hasn’t helped me.

So I am a slave to color. I’m not going to go grey. No way! I’ve tried to experiment and do more blonde so I can go longer between colorings but that just didn’t work for me. I don’t like being that blonde for one, and I like dimensions that color can offer to my hair.

Did I mention I’m a hair snob?

I have to get my hair colored every 4-6 weeks. I try to work it around a trip or event. Yes, I’m vain that way. But, more than that, it is actually frugal since it may be 8 weeks at times before I get into get a touchup. Plus, I simply don’t have the time to get in for an appointment. Time = money too.

I’ve seen Grey Free advertised before as a product to cover grey roots between colorings. To explain it simply, it’s hair mascara to cover grey hair. You apply to your roots in between colorings. It washes away when wet so it’s literally like a makeup for your hair.

I knew my salon sold Grey Free, and it was more expensive there than purchasing online. But, I wanted to have my hair stylist match the color to my hair so I purchased at the salon. I’m glad I did and it was worth paying a little extra just for this. You could however purchase 2 packages online for what I paid though so getting a few colors to test yourself isn’t a bad idea.

Before she did my color, she applied a few shades to my roots to see what would match the closest to my color. We were able to find a really close match so I purchased the Medium Brown. She then wiped it away before she colored my hair to ensure the hair color would stick (it shouldn’t be an issue but she was being safe). Again, totally worth it for me since I didn’t have to do my own testing.

When I finally use this at home, I seriously have to say I’m shocked. So much so that I’m even writing this review when I purchased this on my own. This is PERFECT to use for touchups to cover your grey roots. You don’t have to try to do some crazy split in your hair, which doesn’t really mask the grey as well as I’d like. Plus, the proof is in the pictures, don’t you think?!

One tip for application. Be sure to apply pressure to the wand as you press onto the area you want to cover. I’ve found the extra pressure keeps the fine hairs from sticking to the wand and then frizzing it out.

Best Way to Cover Gray Hair

After applying the product to my roots. I can now see that I missed a spot on my crown.

This will dry hard, like hairspray. So, when it’s dry you can “foof” up your roots a bit lightly with your fingertips or with a brush. It will come off onto your hands, but it doesn’t stain. Again, it’s makeup for your hair so you can just wash your hands. But, it stays on your hair and that’s what it is important. You just may not want your loved one to rub their hands through your hair :)

Again, this is a great way to cover grey hair between colorings. I would highly recommend it and estimate I’ll end up saving at least $200 a year by being able to wait in between salon visits by using it. For less than $10 a tube, you cannot beat that!

I want to add an update from when I first wrote this post. I have since found and used a few other brands that I actually prefer over the Grey Free mascara wand application. The L’Oreal Root Cover Up Spray and Everpro Grey Away Root Concealer Spray are two that I have used and always re-purchase. The results are the same as pictured above. Both products are super affordable and you can grab them at any drugstore or grocery store now (but I always end up buying on Amazon to save myself the trip).

I use the dark brown for both brands since my hair is darker. I feel like using a darker spray is the best way to cover grey roots on dark hair. It covers up the grey better than a lighter shade (light brown) that may more closely match my hair color (at the time, it’s always changing – HA).

The only downside to any of these sprays or applications, as I mentioned above, is that they will rub off on your hand if you are scratching your head frequently. Not at first touch, but if you have an itch that needs a good scratching, the product will come off onto your hand. Again, it’s basically makeup for your hair. I’m fine with it since this is a temporary solution to allow me to go at least another 2 weeks between colorings.

Tried and true best root touch up for grey hair products all under $10. These products win as the best way to cover roots on dark hair but work for blondes too. If you have grey, it can be covered!

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  1. SusieQTpies on September 9, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    OK fine I”ll try this! lol My hair is just starting to gray so certain way I part or pull my hair back it can be seen. I’m going to avoid coloring as long as possible but I really have been looking into products like these but not sure what to buy. I clicked your link and added it to my Amazon cart! I can’t wait to try it :) Thanks for the review.

    • Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on September 9, 2013 at 3:32 pm

      Susie, it really does work. I was able to last at least 2 weeks to getting a color (I’m going in tomorrow so I know it’s been a bit longer). You are lucky that you are only now starting to gray!!

  2. Shana on March 25, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    Love all of these and in fact have the L’Oréal spray and no gray Quick fix mascara like wand stuff. It’s the bomb!! Saves me a few weeks in between colorings!! Sarah is letting here go grey, I can’t yet, but at least ai know what I will look like when I do!!

    • Andrea Deckard on March 29, 2020 at 12:02 pm

      LOL! I tried to do the grey transition and it was NOT for me yet! I also love the DryBar’s brunette dry shampoo. It covers the grey and works as a dry shampoo. I need to update the post with that one since I’ve been using that a lot more lately.

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