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Bobara East End Tote

I received the above Bobara East End Tote to review. I am a fan of Bobara products, as I also own and use (and love) the Lady Lindy in Barcelona Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag (TSA friendly). So, I was excited to try out a new item in their product line.

Here are my uncensored thoughts on the Bobara East End Tote.


The East End Tote is priced at $80 and can be purchased on Bobara’s site directly.


It’s a bag that carries around your laptop, so that’s what you do with it. The East End Tote description states it fits the 13″ Macbook Pro and 11″ Macbook Air. While it does only mention Apple products in the description on the site, it will hold other sizes of computers. I have a 13″ MacBook Pro myself and it fits perfectly!


Recently whenever I have had meetings near home, I haven’t wanted to take my Lady Lindy. It’s a bigger bag and truly isn’t necessary for quick meetings. I have been taking my large handbag and then putting my MacBook in the Built sleeve and just carrying it separately. I just throw my calendar in the sleeve as well (probably shouldn’t). I never even take my battery since I know it’s going to be a meeting that will be less than the life of my charge (2 hours-ish).

This has been getting old. I wanted to find something where I could carry my large (and bulky) wallet, my MacBook, possibly my charger and my calendar for these quick meetings. While my Built sleeve was professional enough, I still had to hold it with my hands (as opposed to throwing it over my shoulder). When I grab a drink and get receipts, my hands are full so it’s just awkward.

As I’ve been using this bag, it has certainly met the need I have. The first thing that drew me to the bag was the style. It looks so sophisticated and sleek. It has a canvas exterior with leather lining for the accent color.

The East End Tote comes in two colors: Beige Canvas with Black Leader and Black Canvas with Tan Leather (pictured above, which is what I received).

Whenever I carried my Lady Lindy, I would continue to take my Built sleeve in case I wanted to grab my computer only and have a private chat with someone. Since the East End Tote has a removable interior sleeve, I can completely eliminate the need for carrying an additional product like the Built sleeve now. This product is what I have been looking for!

There are pockets galore. I love this about my Lady Lindy too! The designer GETS that we need pockets for writing utencils, gum, battery chargers, USB drives, sunglasses and whatever else. There is a zipper pocket on the inside as well. It’s easier to find things when you know they are in a pocket rather than the bottomless pit that my bags always end up becoming (I’m working on it).


This is an exclusive designer and the bags are only sold on Compared to other products that I have considered purchasing, the $80 price point is extremely reasonable.  You are paying for functionality AND style.

My Bobara Lady Lindy is going on 3 years now! This is a worthwhile investment if you are in need of a bag like this (I would still recommend the Lady Lindy if you need a good laptop bag too). I seriously BEAT UP my bags. I’ve even had my strap repaired because I am partial to carrying it on one side and it wears down. The craftsmanship in these bags are second to none.

Review or not, I wholeheartedly endorse Bobara products!

Do you have any questions about the Bobara East End Tote?

Disclaimer: I received the Bobara East End Tote to provide my honest opinions. This post has not been previewed or edited by the company. See the site Disclaimer Policy for additional information.


  1. Marybeth Mank on August 8, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    I love the many pockets this tote has…I tend to expand and a ton of pockets would be most useful…LOL! Thanks! It’s a good-looing bag; would love to have it!

  2. Cathy Pennell on August 8, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I love all the pockets; would like to win this bag.

  3. Tanzania Daniel on August 8, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    I like the fact that this bag is affordable.

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