RePurpose Ice Cube Tray as a Desk Organizer

Our computer desk drawer is an absolute nightmare! I had made our girls' baby food when they were all young, so I had quite a few ice cube trays that needed a new purpose. Why spend money on drawer organizers, when you can utilize what you already have around the house. We now have a very happy desk drawer!

Ice Cube Tray Supplies

:: Ice Cube Tray(s)
:: Small Items that need to be organized

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Separate the paper clips, stamps, rubber bands, etc into small piles.

{Step 2} Put each organized pile in an ice cube slot. However, larger piles can take up more than one cube compartment.

{Step 3} Repeat as desired for more trays until everything has its own place.

{Step 4} To keep pens and pencils in place them between the tray and the drawer.

Project Cost

This project is fairly inexpensive and may cost you nothing if you have the trays on hand.  However, you can purchase ice cube trays at your local discount store for about $1.99 for a 2pk. You may even find them for less at your thrift store or even the dollar stores.

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on April 10, 2012

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