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I've mentioned our recent move in a few posts. People have questioned our sanity since we moved from a fairly new home into a 100-year old farm house. There are bats, mice, spiders, bugs and anything else that would creep out a city gal!

I am not getting discouraged by the surprise renovation projects we find ourselves tackling on a daily basis. It is tiresome, and costly, but it is kinda fun to do this with my husband and our boys. Thankfully I have the pictures from our home when we first moved in for motivation.

Here is our staircase the day we walked into clean and move some items in.

Office Before

What you can't see in that picture is the floor is about 6 inches off-level from one side to the other! Needless to say, it had to be torn up to make a level floor so I can work!

Here is an after picture of the office.

Office After

I still need to bring my larger desk from storage, as well as have hubby add the trim, but I am so excited about this!

I will be sharing more on our renovation at (my personal blog). I wanted to give you a little glimpse into what's been happening in my life this summer! So thankful to have pictures to show the progress – even the smallest amount each day – and continue to give me motivation when I see another mouse run across my floor!!

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