Do you Rely on 2-Ply?

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Kathleen:

So I have been one of those expensive toilet paper shoppers for as long as I can remember.  I recently had a change in income and had to switch to something cheaper because the average $13 cost for 24 rolls was getting too pricey.

I decided to try the White Cloud brand toilet paper which cost $5.39 at my Walmart. I found that if you get the 3-ply version of white cloud it looks and feels the exact same as the Charmin that I was using.  I tested the 2-ply stuff but it really felt like fast food chain napkins, however the 3-ply toilet paper was wonderful!

So my advice is just buy the cheap stuff and save yourself $7-8 each time you buy. If you use coupons, than you will pay around $3 for the 24-roll package. Either way, you will save you a bundle if you switch.

How do you save on common household items?
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