Recipe Of The Week: Black Bean Brownies With Triple Berry Topping

Don't run away because of the title!  I know it sounds odd and kinda gross, but making brownies with black beans helps to keep the brownies moist and adds a ton of fiber.  All three of my kids had these as well as my husband and no one knew there were beans in them!

This is a very simple version using some help from the store with a brownie mix.  I found this quick and easy recipe on the Weight Watchers Message boards and finally came around to trying it.  I'm so glad I did because it is really delicious!

To get started, you'll need a mixing bowl, a blender or large food processor, and a muffin tin (I prefer this method so each brownie is the same size and there's no guessing as to what a “correct” size is!).

**Please note as well, this recipe will make 24 muffins**


  • 1 – Box of Low-Fat Brownie Mix
  • 1- 15 oz Can of Black Beans
  • 3 oz Raspberries
  • 4 oz Blueberries
  • 8 oz Strawberries
  • Preparation

    1. Preheat your oven according to the box directions (generally at 375 degrees)
    2. Begin by draining and rinsing your black beans.  Once rinsed, place them back into the can
    3. Fill the can to the top with water
    4. Dump the rinsed beans and the water into your food processor
    5. Process those beans as much as you can!  You want it to be a fine puree so that there aren't any noticeable skins or pieces left
    6. Mix the pureed beans into the dry brownie mix
    7. Spray your muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray
    8. Divide mixture evenly among  muffin tins (I like to use an ice cream scoop!)
    9. Bake according to the box directions (generally around 30 minutes at 375 degrees)
    10. While the brownies are baking, cut up your berries and mix together to make a nice sauce
    11. Once the brownies are done, top with berries!

    I was quite hesitant to try this out, but since I did, this will be the way I make them when I make brownies from a box.   Now, for the best part – here are the nutritional information and Weight Watchers Points Plus info:

    Nutritional Information
    Servings 24Serving Size 1 Muffin Tin
    CaloriesTotal Fat
    1121.6 g
    Points PlusFiber
    4 PP2 g
    24 g8.5 g
    by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on July 21, 2011

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