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This list of Christmas advent activities for families contains over 30 random acts of kindness to help your children appreciate get excited about the spirit of the season!

Are you looking for a great way to spend your December? One of my family’s favorite things to do is Random Acts of Kindness. I had a brilliant idea to do one random act of kindness every day in December. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of something I can do to bring joy to someone else, but this list really helps.

Christmas Activities for Families

  1. Create Blessings Bags for the homeless people in your community. Include items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, socks, gloves, and so on.
  2. Bake your neighbors a batch of homemade cookies and write a nice card. We have lots of cookie recipes you can bake!
  3. Donate time to your church in some way, today.
  4. Write friendly messages and hand them out to people at the grocery store. Attach a piece of chocolate or a Hershey’s Kiss to make it more fun.
  5. Visit your local nursing home and sing Christmas carols.
  6. Put together a package for a military person and send it off!
  7. Invite someone to Christmas dinner that may not have a place to go.
  8. Pay for someone’s meal.
  9. Go through the books in your home, with your kids, and giveaway those books to the less fortunate. Wrap them up, individually, for some extra fun. Check out these inexpensive gift wrapping ideas.
  10. Donate your time to a neighbor who may be struggling.
  11. Grab a few shopping carts and pull them to the front of the building.
  12. Give someone a compliment who looks sad and offer to buy them a cup of coffee.
  13. Look for an opportunity today to help someone in a unique way.
  14. Spend some time picking up trash in your neighborhood or at the park.
  15. Call up a friend and ask them how you can pray for them.
  16. Prepare or order in a meal for a family in need.
  17. Call your church to ask if there is a family you can help.
  18. Surprise your local police station with thank you notes and a treat.
  19. Go through town handing out Christmas goodie bag. A fun treat always cheers someone up! Try these Reindeer hot cocoa mix!
  20. Spoil the teacher in your child’s life with fun gifts or call the local school to see how you can help.
  21. Fill someone’s gas tank up!
  22. Leave fun gifts on people’s doorsteps. This will make their day.
  23. Go out to dinner and leave a nice tip for the wait staff.
  24. Talk to someone today and get to know them. Let them tell you their story. Look for a way in which you can help them.
  25. Hand out baggies full of quarters to those who may seem to be struggling.
  26. Pass out Christmas cards and spread good cheer.
  27. Volunteer to clean someone’s house, maybe an elderly or disabled person you know.
  28. Volunteer to babysit for a family with small children, so they can have a date night.
  29. Ask a mother, with a special need’s child, how you can help.
  30. Pass out Christmas goodie bags to hospital staff at your local hospital.
  31. Stop and reflect on all the good cheer you’ve brought forth this year. Today, be kind to yourself. Build yourself up and be happy!

These 31 Random Acts of Kindness are the perfect way to bring in the Christmas spirit. Being nice to people isn’t something we should only do around the holidays, but this list helps to switch things up a little bit. Plus, it helps keep the focus on what the season is all about. Random Acts of Kindness change people!

I want to hear from you! Let me know what Christmas activities you do as a family so I can add to this list!

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