Purchase Gift Cards During Store Fuel Promotions

Do you shop at a grocery store that also has a fuel station? I love that our Kroger offers these great fuel promotions to save more on gas as a benefit for customers. I take advantage of these every time they com up, especially when they offer quadruple fuel points rewards!

During these increased rewards, take care of the people on your Christmas list and purchase gift cards. Since you already made your list of who needs gifts, and you will have money set aside to take advantage of the savings opportunity, pick up the gift cards for people and mark them off your list. Bonus that you get them marked off your list early AND you get the added savings with the fuel rewards!

As a reminder, be aware of any expiration dates on the gift cards. Many have no expiration date but some Visa and Mastercard gift cards will have a service fee after a certain period of time. These cards aren't typically included in these store fuel promotions either though so you should be safe there.

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Who receives gift cards on your Christmas list?
Catch up on other ways to save MORE money on Christmas!

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