Purchase Discounted Gift Cards as Gifts

Last November, I created a video sharing more about purchasing discounted cards online. There are several sites online that purchase unused gift cards from everyday people. You can buy gift cards at a greater discount, sometimes up to 35%!

One site that I have personally used is Plastic Jungle. Just visit the site and search for specific gift cards. There are several different stores and the gift card values will vary in price.  You can save 5% on some gift cards and 35% on on others. The discounts all vary and I have never recognized a trend.  Another similar site is Gift Card Rescue (I have used them as well).

So look back at your gifting list and see what stores you may be able to purchase their gift. THEN do the deal trifecta:

1. Purchase the discounted gift cards, saving you money in the process.

2. Purchase the gifts online and earn cash back.

3. Use coupon codes when shopping online to save even more and get FREE shipping.

When you add all together you can save so much money! So, check out those sites to see if discounted gift cards are available to help you save money throughout the year and especially at the holidays!

Another way to earn is purchasing gift cards directly from the establishment. During Christmas they always have special gift card promotions where you receive a bonus card with a set purchase. We share all those deals so you know exactly what stores or restaurants offer the extras!

Visit Happy Housewife for several ideas to make gifts in a jar. We have a few gifts in a jar ideas as well!

How do you keep track of who is on your Christmas gifting list?
Find more ways to save MORE money on Christmas!

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