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Admit it. You have watched the shows, read the reports and see first hand that people are shopping for free. You can't help but wonder, how they get items for free or really cheap while you are sitting in line paying full price? You need help but don't know where to start because it looks and sounds like it's a lot of work.

It's actually not hard when you focus your time, energy and strategy.

I am a mother to three boys who are into everything. I also run a business full-time and try to keep my house so it doesn't look like a tornado went through it each second of the day. When it comes to saving money, I need to focus my time so I get the greatest return on my investment. You won't catch me clipping coupons for hours a week. Don't get me wrong, I could but my savings would be the same and I would miss out on what's important in life.

In Focused Couponing: How to Shop and Save with Coupons, I walk you through each step to learn how to coupon like a pro. Everything from coupon myths to advanced drugstore shopping, we cover it all. Couponing well takes strategy and I share how to take advantage of the opportunities and sales at the store to save like you have never saved before!

I also share a bit on an important topic that many other similar books leave out – budgeting. It can be a thrill to get so much at much less but if you aren't saving because you are spending just as much, is it really worth it? Not to mention the time you took to get it. I want to help you save AND get stuff inexpensively not just continue to spend on things you don't need.

So why buy this eBook when much of this information is all over the internet for free? Great question and I asked myself that very question before I even considered offering this product for sale to the public.

We walk step by step through what you need to do to start saving using focused couponing techniques. It's organized and comprehensive so you can take action right away. But if you still have questions, the end of each chapter contains a link to a post on the site where you can personally ask me questions.

  • Do you get that one-on-one when you search online for information?
  • Is your time searching worth something?
  • Is having a personal couponing tutor that will help you go from zero to $100 in your first shopping trip worth it?

I truly wish I had this book when I started couponing several years ago. Even with saving $6,500 using coupons one year, I could have done better. Yes, doing better than that kind of savings is possible! Saving in this way helped our family through a tough spot financially. Would that kind of savings help you right now?

I want you to use the information your from Focused Couponing to save more money! I round out the book with my Quick Start Guide which gives you an action plan to begin saving TODAY. As I mentioned above, I am here to help you with questions you have along the process as well! I want you to understand this as much as you want to save money!


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The Focused Couponing contains nearly 80 pages of coupon education! Along with the book download you will also receive several bonuses, which include:

BONUS 1 Drugstore Shopping and Saving Comparison Chart
The drugstores have many aspects to their loyalty rewards program and coupon acceptance policy. I give you a quick an easy comparison chart to explain it all and get focused!

BONUS 2 Coupon Lingo Printable
Some of the words you read and hear are truly like a different language. This Coupon Lingo printable is an attractive printable that you can keep at our desk or even keep in your binder.

BONUS 3 Stockpile Best Price List
My personal best price list for commonly used stockpile items. Wanna know what the price is to stock up for toilet paper? I'll tell you in this report!

BONUS 4 Stockpile Personal Price List Template
A simple template to help you get focused on what to start stockpiling for your family.

BONUS 5 Stockpile Menu Planning Template
The key to building a stockpile is using it! This menu planning template focuses on the stockpile items you are focused on. Use it as inspiration to get your meal planning completed quick and easy each week. The more you plan out meals, the more you save!


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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 15, 2012

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