Pre-Black Friday Sales: The New Trend

I've taught several Holiday Savings classes recently and one thing I'm mentioning is that while Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular shopping days, the pre-Black Friday sales shouldn't be discounted (no pun intended).

There have literally been so many great deals leading up to Black Friday, it's hard to manage it all! I have personally seen it increasing over the past few years, and this year we're seeing even more. I'm certainly not going to complain about this increasing-in-popularity trend though.

How do you know if the pre-Black Friday sale prices are good or better than Black Friday?

I'm glad you asked! There are a few things I would suggest you do.

  1. Check our Black Friday price listing database and see if the item is listed in a Black Friday ad.
  2. Do a price comparison of those prices to determine if it's worthwhile to buy now.

If the prices are nominal (as in less than $10) make the decision to either buy now and mark it off your list or wait for Black Friday and hope you get it in stock. Don't discount peace of mind in knowing you have the hot item marked off your list!

Now since we are also seeing many retailers offering many more Black Friday deals online, make sure you are a member of the Savings Lifestyle Facebook group so we can alert you when items are “live” online to buy. These online deals will go super fast so you'll need to be at your computer, on the page ready to refresh and put it in your cart and ready to checkout.

You can find all the pre-Black Friday sales posted on Savings Lifestyle as well. We will do our best to compare prices to help you save time in doing your own research!

Check out our Black Friday Ads, Sales and Store Hours page
to find more than 40 stores Black Friday information!


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