Plan Now to Spend Less at Christmas

Wanna know how to overspend on anything? Don't plan. I can barely remember what happened yesterday let alone who I need to purchase Christmas gifts for. As soon as November arrives, the rest of the holiday season goes into overdrive and I always regret not planning more during this time of the year.

Last year I created the free Christmas Gifting Budget Planner download to help you plan your season and stay within budget. It includes a basic planner to know who to buy for, gifts to purchase and what store to visit for the deal, as well as how much to spend per person. There are also a few pages devoted to your Christmas DIY Gifting. If you need inspiration for handmade gift ideas, definitely check out the Ideas for Gifts eBook! There are several ideas in the book that would make awesome (and inexpensive) Christmas gifts!

How do you keep track of who is on your Christmas gifting list?
Find more ways to save MORE money on Christmas!

I'd love to hear your tips and suggestions for saving more for Christmas expenses! Submit your best savings tip specific to Christmas and Holiday Savings on the Everyday Savings Tips form. You'll be entered to win the $50 cash price each week too!

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