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I found a few years ago. I've personally used it a few times so it is legit. I have shared the site with so many people but never here with you. I'm fixing that today! is a site where you can hire people to do things for $5. No joke, it's hilarious and amazing all in one! There are so many things that people are willing to do for $5! You can have your name listed in the sand, get a web redesign, and even crazy stuff like having someone call a friend sounding like a famous actor.

With regards to gifts, you could buy one of the gigs and have a really creative gift for someone. Everything from candles, custom shirts, unique messages, and even more. Check out the “Gifts” category and take some time to search. I bet you'll find at least one thing for $5!

While this post is about saving, I want to mention that you can actually make money if you submit a listing of your own to sell for $5. 

Visit Happy Housewife to learn how to make a mod podge frame. This is a great homemade gift idea!

Have you used Fiverr before? What types of things did you get for $5?
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  1. Charleen Larson on July 28, 2012 at 10:15 am

    I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Fiverr gigs. The quality can be variable, though sometimes you glean some gems. I recently bought one that promised two custom-made cat toys but the seller didn’t deliver.

    Since Fiverr doesn’t refund your money if a gig falls through, it’s probably best to message the seller before you buy a gig. Wish I’d done that this time.

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