Other Ways to Use Wrapping Paper

Other Uses for Wrapping Paper

Christmas morning is generally a pretty wild event when kids are involved. Paper, ribbons and pretty much anything else in the way might be destroyed. For the mom that loves her wrapping paper, it can be a rather emotional time. Watching all of that beautiful, colorful creativity being ripped to shreds seems like such a waste. The truth is, those scraps of paper are not ruined at all!

The simply need to be repurposed. Here are several ideas to reuse your wrapping paper even after it has been ripped up by your child:

Make a Light Cover

Light covers are so cool and they are really easy to do. Simply cut out a nice print that you want to save and fit it to the light cover in question. Instantly you have given a room a nice splash of color and saved some wrapping paper at the same time.

Line Your Shelves

Everyone has shelves in their homes that they would rather cover up. Beautiful wrapping paper is the perfect solution to brighten up those areas and pull certain colors together in a room. This also works quite well in your drawers to give you a funky drawer liner.

Create a Wall Hanging

If you have some particularly cool, unusual or fun wrapping paper scraps on hand, put them in frames! Some paper simply looks fantastic as wall art all alone within a nice frame. Play around with the idea and try it at different angles. You almost certainly will have some pics nobody else has in the process.

Use as Wallpaper

Wrapping paper is very similar to wallpaper and you can certainly use it for such purposes. If you really want to jazz up a wall in your bedroom, take pieces of your favorite papers and patchwork them up on the wall like a quilt.

Make Book Covers

When I was little, I always put book covers on my favorite books. Wrapping paper is the perfect choice to make an interesting and colorful book cover.

Shred It

When all else is lost, put it through the shredder and keep it in a box for future mailing or packing. Colorful packing materials like that are wonderful additions to the perfectly wrapped gift. Use it for all your gifts throughout the year and nothing goes to waste!

What other ideas can you think of to use wrapping paper?

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