Make an Organizational Shelf with Baby Food Jars

Make an Organizational Shelf using Baby Food Jars


  • Shelf, any size (found at Goodwill)
  • Spray Paint
  • Tin Containers (mine tins that Fossil watches come in)
  • Magnets, heavy duty
  • 3 Baby Food Jars
  • Wood Screws (enough for your jar lids and tins)
    Make sure that these screws are short enough that they will not go all the way through you shelf.


  1. Paint your shelf, lids from the baby jars and any tins. Make sure to do this in a well vented area. Let dry.
  2. When dry, place one (1) tin on top of the shelf and screw a wood screw on the inside bottom of the tin attaching it to the top of your shelf. Do any other tins you have the same way.
  3. Place your top of a baby food jar lid on the underside of the shelf and screw the wood screw into the shelf (making sure that the screw does not go all the way through the wood)  Do the rest of your lids this way, spacing them apart a little as you go for easy access.
  4. Attach the shelf to the wall making sure that you position it for easy access.
  5. Fill your jars with things like paper clips, push pins, thumb tacks, etc and twist onto the lids. Fill your tins with pencils, pens, markers, etc.