Operation Christmas Child – It’s Packing Time!

Every year since I've been writing the site, I always share about Operation Christmas Child (see 2008, 2009 AND 2010). Our family has participated for years and it's an amazing organization!

Last year, I got to visit an OCC packing facility which was a wonderful experience. I also learned that there is a regional office near me that welcomes volunteers as well. Check to see if one is located near you so you can get involved and volunteer too :)

Since it's packing time again, I wanted to give you a few details and reminders:

National Collection Week is NEXT WEEK (November 14-21). That's coming up pretty quick. Find a drop off location near you so you know where to take your boxes so they can be sent to a processing center.

Pack suggested items. After vising the processing center last year, I can tell you that we pulled out so many items that weren't allowed. So please don't pack liquids or breakables. They can't ship them :(

Follow your box. When you pay online, you can follow your box to its final destination. We tracked our OCC boxes last year and it was SO cool to get an email when they were delivered!

Each of our boys will make their own box, as always. We are doing boxes for our MOPS group as we do every year. AND, our church is doing a TON of boxes. You know from reading here you can find stuff very inexpensively to put inside. And take advantage of the Craft Store coupons since their $1 bins are fab…and you can 40-50% with the coupon too!

Oh, and watch the Operation Christmas Child Facebook page. They are doing a shoebox blitz in New York City tomorrow. People are dressing up as boxes and going along life as normal in the city (stopping to get coffee, walking in the park, etc). Lots of people will learn about this ministry through this. How fun and completely amazing!

Are you packing OCC boxes this year?

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 09, 2011


  • Nicole Becker - November 09, 2011 @ 8:43 pm

    I would love to do this!!!

  • Colleen - November 09, 2011 @ 9:05 pm

    This is such a blessing, and each year when I watch the promo for it, I get teary eyed. I took my girls to Target this past weekend. They each fill a box for a girl their age, and include a drawing and their school photo. :)

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