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I am bumping this back to the front page. There is another link in which you can apply! Thanks, Bargain Briana!

Pinecone Research is currently open again! This really is one of the best survey groups to get in and it's not always open for new members. If you are at all interested, I strongly encourage you to apply now because this will likely close soon.

I haven't received a Pinecone survey in a while. Whenever I do receive a survey request, I almost always do them! You can read more about Pinecone in my Survey Page here.

If you are interested in online surveys to earn, please also check out my snack, Online Surveys to Earn Cash. I have a list of other great survey companies I have had personal success with like Lightspeed Consumer Panel, Gongos Consumer Village, Toluna and even a Nickelodeon panel for those of you with wee ones! Most of the sites on my survey page pay cash for surveys (I prefer cash over products).

I am hoping to cash out of the sites this week. When I do, I will share my success with you so you can see the potential in doing surveys and having a referral program for your friends (or your blog).

*Many have shared that this link is not working for you. I have the correct landing page (a sign-up screen) when I click on the Pinecone Research link. Maybe try clearing your cookies (directions are in the comments) or switch web browsers. You can also type in the following url in your address bar to see if that works:

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  1. Can’t see a place to sign up – am I just blonde or is this page only for members? (umm, or both?)


    1. Donna, the link or image above should take you there. If for some reason it doesn’t, try clearing your cookies as your page may have recognized you going to that same site at a previous time when the offer wasn’t available.

      To delete cookies in Internet Explorer go to: Tools, Internet Options. Stay on the General Tab and under Browsing History select “Delete” to delete the temporary internet cookies.

      That should work for ya!

  2. I couldn’t see a sign up place either. I deleted my history, etc., but no luck!

  3. I can’t see anywhere to join either. I never can. I took your suggestion and cleared cookies, but nothing. What am I supposed to be seeing?

  4. This link is taking us to a page that says Escalate Media Affiliate Network….it doesn’t say Pinecone at all, so that is what is so confusing, I think.

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