My Magical Disney Weekend: The Fun Stuff!


I had a blast….a *magical* blast! I remember the last time I went to Disney, the word magical had a new meaning and always reminded me of Disney after that…it surely will continue to resonate with these memories from this past weekend.

I met some fantabulous ladies! These ladies just plain rock and have a LOT of great things going on at their sites. Please do check them out, I guarantee you will find some great reading material!

When I landed in Orlando, I marched my way to the Magical Express. I was the ONLY person on the bus without kidlets. So, I was so glad to see Amanda. I was all like, “Hey Amanda” like I knew her for years. And, she was all like “Hey, Andrea.” And, then I attempted to abduct her completely adorable baby, but realized she would be with me all wekeend so I'd get a little squeezing with Asa (and Lisa's adorable baby too)!

We stayed at the Beach Club Resort. Beautiful! When we checked in and got something to eat, I headed out to one of the many pools they had. There was wireless at the pool so that's like a dream right? But, I couldn't see my computer screen so I had to move. I actually moved in a hallway and people stared at me like I had three heads. Obviously, they didn't know that I'm a big deal and needed my internetz!

That evening we had a coctail reception and then shuffled over to Epcot. The Beach Club Resort is walking distance to Epcot so that was really nice! And, as soon as we got there, Laura pulled out these bad boys.


If you've been to Disney, you know how awesome these Fast Passes are. Well, we got several of them – YES! I was super excited!! We then proceeded to go ride Soarin' (awesome ride, almost like you can dip your toesies in the water). After our Soarin' experience, we went to dinner at Chefs de France. The BEST filet I've had! I'm a carnivore so I love my meat!!

By the time dinner was over, we were escorted with a Cast Member and a glow stick (which she called a saber) and got to sit pond-side to enjoy dessert and watch Illuminations! I've seen this show before, but it was SO COOL to watch it this close! And, we had some good time chatting it up, rightBeth and Emily(one day I'll crack Beth, don't worry). After our VIP treatment, we headed to Test Track where we used our magical Fast Pass to ride! Su-WEET!!

And, if that wasn't enough excitement, we got back to our hotel rooms and Mickey HIMSELF visited!!! We got a Celebration Package with balloons, a big Mickey, Mickey stuffed hands, YUMMY goodies, a Tinker Bell that was stuck to the mirror and changed colors all night, a blanket and so much more! I was so excited…but I did manage to fall asleep. Surely it was thanks to Tinker Bell's fairy dust :)


Saturday morning, we woke up really early and had breakfast. They had Mickey shaped breakfast sandwiches. I almost felt bad about eating Mickey's head, but everyone else was doing it, so I just ate him right up (and he was goooood too). We got to hang with a Carrie, who works in Marketing, and two of Disney's Mom Panelist Members, Margaret and Amber. So, that's where we asked everything we wanted to know about Disney. Of course, we all wanted to know how to do Disney on the cheap. I have some great tips I'll share with you in a Frugal Stuff update.


We then went to tour one of Disney's Value Resorts, All-Star Music, to see a Family Suite. Very nice! And, the pool was really big too! I think this would be a great value for your money in my opinion. We moved next to tour the newest Resort that isn't even finished yet, Bay Lake Tower (the only picture we were able to get is all of us since it was super secretive and not finished yet). Let's just say, you could move in and never come out because it was so amazing! I found a hidden Mickey (if you stay there, he's in the carpet that's all I'll say ;)

Off to Magic Kingdom we went.

So, maybe this is the coolest thing to me, but we got to go in the back door – no crowds and right upon Main Street!It so doesn't take much to excite me! We went to get a Dole Whip (pretty good) and then off to tour the Baby Care Center. When we went 3 years ago, we never did visit this Baby Care Center with our 2-year old. I should have because it's soooo nice! The only thing that could make it nicer is if they put plush cots in for mom or dad to take a nap :)

We got to ride Thunder Mountain. Hello, that ride is AWESOME!!! I had my arms in the air doing the amusement ride squeeing! After that thrill, we settled down to watch the parade. I don't care how many times you've been or how old you are, the parade is always magical! I was waving like the little kids, “Mickey, look at me. My name is Andrea from Mommy Snacks.” I don't think he heard me though.


And, then there's more food.

We ate lunch at the Contemporary Resort's, The Wave. I had the tuna salad. Ihave never eaten tuna just seared like this and it was delicious! I'll definitely eat it again somewhere. And, dessert – HELLO, they knew this momma likes some sweets! We got samplers of every dessert they had and I almost licked the bowl..almost. Dawn also got a drink with a tinkerbell light thing in it. That was fun! And, since Laura really likes to *talk* to the chef, we got to meet our chef too. World class service, but I expected that too. After all, it is Disney!

Are you tired yet? Cause, this was my whole weekend. After some free time, we went off again.

Hollywood Studios was next (which was MGM Studios just a few years ago). We got to do a backstage tour of the American Idol Experience. They have set this up so it's just like what contestants go through at American Idol. I'll just say everyone wanted me to sing…some were even chanting my name (so maybe I embellished that part). I'm not good a cappella so I froze. Megan was all like “Ellen DeGeneres says every knows one of Kelly Clarkson's songs,” which made me forget who Kelly Clarkson was! Guess I would NEVER make it on the show. Well, not to mention I'm not a good singer… unless it's karaoke then I'm likeMandisa or somebody really good.


We got to watch one of the shows where three contestants made it far enough to do a live show. We voted for the 35-year old mom. She didn't have a fan base there like the younger girls did. So, as mothers we have to show our support (after all, that's what Maria is all about). And, she had some vocals..and, of course she won because we voted for her (and may have gone to each empty seat to vote too…but we'll never confirm that).

We're off to eating again…

The dinner for the evening was at Hollywood Brown Derby. We spent several hours there talking, laughing and getting to know one another better! I had so much fun just being with these women cracking up and smiling! I love to smile and I love it when others do too! When we left, it was really late and we had Hollywood Studios to ourselves! There was NO ONE in the park. Very cool, we really felt the magic…and someone may have even run the streets, but no one got a picture of that.

Hollywood Studios after Dark

After dinner, several of us went to the Boardwalk, which is right across from the Beach Club Resort. We hunt out in the Piano Bar where they duel with pianos. Honestly, we were gabbing to much to pay attention. So, we headed outside to talk…UNTIL, we heard the night club playing some Beyonce and then we were ready to get our groove thing on! So, Maria, Marsha,Lindsayand yours truly (of course) did the Soulja Boy and danced to Super Freak as we ended our magical night. No evidence of that either, but let me just say we are all fantabulous dancers!

Now it's time, to say goodbye…

BOO! Sunday rolls around like the weekend was all a fantasy! We had one final breakfast with more Mickey shaped edibles, kissed Dale (Chip may have been slightly jealous), hugged each other and each parted ways. Chris, Beth, Emilyand I headed back to Magic Kingdom to do some souvenir shopping and get some matching shirts (cause we loved LeAnne's). So, they are matching, but we didn't get the same colors…OK, well some of us may have but that's cause we're extra cool and not cheesey, k.


Emilyand I rode the Magical Express to the airport together. Of course, we immediately got online to tweet to each other (cause talking to each other in personis so 90's). But, we met Emily's Pilot and tried to uncover his relationship dilemma. He said I wasn't that cool cause I wasn't flying his airline even though I told him we were famous bloggers (which he believed for a nano-second). Whatevs Mr. Pilot! Emily got home safely despite the badgering he got from us. And, Emily and I know that we are forever grateful for sports and county fairs…and for Disney!

Disney brought several mom bloggers together to learn about all the great things Disney offers. Disney not only treated us like Cinderellas, but gave us great information to share about the parks (which I will share tomorrow). But, the best part of it all was that this Disney trip created some relationships that will be long-lasting. To me, that IS magical!

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  • A Cowboy's Wife - May 06, 2009 @ 1:48 pm

    You look so great Andrea. And of course, I’m a bit jealous….heehee, I mean, you got to kiss the Dale. GAH!

    Looks like they know how to treat you guys and like y’all had fun. I’m so happy that you had the opportunity to do it!!! YAY

  • Nicole @frugalisfabfr - May 06, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

    Oh my goodness that does look so magical! I have never been to Disney World, someday, someday. I am so jealous, in the best possible way of course!

    And you do look so fabulous, I don’t know where you are putting those 8 pounds you keep talking about ;)

  • Lori - May 06, 2009 @ 2:55 pm

    That’s so nice! Look forward to your DISNEY ON THE CHEAP report!

  • Marcy - May 06, 2009 @ 3:04 pm

    I’m also looking forward to your money saving Disney tips! Looks like you ladies had tons of fun. :-)

  • Kelly - May 06, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

    Very cool. Can’t wait to hear more cause we want to go to Disney sometime in the near future and we like cheap ;)

  • mommysnacks - May 06, 2009 @ 4:20 pm

    Lori/Cowgirl – I know, pretty sure Chip was slightly jealous. But, I’m not into chipmunks so neither of them really had too much to get excited over!

    Nicole – do you want your money via paypal or a check? Cause, there are 8 pounds on this body that definitely need gone!!! But, you’re sweet – thanks!

    Lori/Marcy/Kelly, I do have a few insider tips that I was surprised about. I’ll definitely be planning my trip around them next time!

  • Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting - May 06, 2009 @ 6:20 pm

    I totally relive every second every time I see someone’s post. Can we go back now? I miss it so much.. and you! :)

    • mommysnacks - May 06, 2009 @ 7:43 pm

      Awww, Lisa. You too! And, I really miss Grayson! He is so darn cute w/ those eyes. You are very blessed!!!

  • Angie - May 06, 2009 @ 7:21 pm

    WOW you got the royal treatment. We go to disney every year but had to sit out this year while the rest of the family went because I am expecting in August! We feel like we work so hard to save everywhere we can and are very punctual at our jobs so the kids and us deserve a time out where you really are in a whole another world!!! Glad you had a great time…..And I am a bit jealous

  • Briana - May 06, 2009 @ 8:51 pm

    Sounds like a great time! I’m going to make it there with my kids one of these days! :)

  • oh amanda - May 06, 2009 @ 9:53 pm

    Yay! What a recap! How did you do that? I am SO much more wordy…

    Anyway, I ADORED meeting you! I’m so glad I have a new blog to stalk!

  • Emily from Mommin It Up - May 07, 2009 @ 8:32 am

    You CRACK me up, girl.

  • $5 Dinner Mom - May 07, 2009 @ 8:50 am

    Can’t wait to hear more dets tonight!!! MNO!!!!!!!!

  • Karen R - May 07, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

    It sounds like you had an awesome trip! Great pictures!

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