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Again with the Q&A that I originated here. A few more questions that came in were from:

Jamie asked:

Hello! I love your site! I’ve been couponing for a little over a month now with great success! I do have a question…when a product is BOGO, can you use two coupons…one on each product? Thanks so much for your input! Have a great day!

Good question, one with a little “grey.” Most stores will allow you to use two coupons, but each store can have their own rules on this.

For example, Meijer had a sale last week on B1G1 FREE for Chi Chi’s shredded beef, and I used two coupons. This week, I tried to get some FREE Lifesavers because they were B1G1 FREE at CVS. My B1G1 FREE coupon was “de-nied!” I was disappointed, but I know that other great couponers have had success doing this so it really is YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Technically, the stores get reimbursed for the coupons being used, so I’m not really sure why they don’t take them. But, sometimes we just have to be thankful that we have good stores that accept coupons in today’s economy :-)

ETA: I just hit another CVS this morning and they took my B1G1 FREE Lifesaver coupons. It truly is a YMMV thing on these!

Alyssa asked:

Are you debt free?

Nope, but our goal is to be by September! We’re hopeful that we’ll still continue to meet that goal! I really do believe several of the things I do to help us save is helping to achieve this. I’ll be sharing an update on our progress later this week…baby steps, right?!!

Ladies, thanks for the questions, hopefully that answered what you were seeking to know!! If you have other questions you’d like answered about our frugal journey or how to maximize your savings, please email me!

About Andrea Deckard

Andrea Deckard is a personal finance expert and speaker. She lives by the following motto, "save on what you need so you can spend on what you want." She started Savings Lifestyle in 2008, and long-time readers remember the site as Mommy Snacks. Andrea is a go-to resource on frugal living for local news outlets such as WDTN, WGRR, and as well as national outlets like Good Morning America. She has also been featured in multiple national publications.


  1. Jolene on July 1, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    Hi. I ran into your blog by following many other blogs! LOL. I am new to couponing…trying to save money to pay our debt off. Im kind of lost on your blog…I see so much info and so many link and so much. Im not really sure where to start. I have read so much on couponing and still dont really understand it, I feel really dumb! LOL. I dont have a CVS nearby so that dont count for nothing for me. Could you tell me where to start on your blog or point me to some good info to read? Thanks

  2. Andrea on July 2, 2008 at 2:27 am

    Jolene, this can be overwhelming so don’t feel that way :-) I’m actually working on a couponing post that includes all of my links in one place to make it easy for newbies. I’ll get that out within the next couple weeks.

    Until then, I encourage you to find out the couponing policies of the stores you shop the most – that’s a great start. From there, see if they double coupons since most coupons face value are doubled at various stores (Kroger, some Meijer stores). Then, determine what you buy the most of and definitely try to use coupons for those items when you can!

    I’ll share more in my post but that should take you a minute to gather up and look into (at least it took me a while anyway).

    It does take time but the savings will come as you begin to build your stockpile – and your debt will go down just like ours have. All thanks to couponing!!

  3. Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst on July 3, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    September is not far off! That is great that you are so close to your goal.

    Does this include car payments?

    We have almost paid off all of our credit card debt, woo hoo! We could not have done this without couponing and CVS, for sure!

  4. Andrea on July 3, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Alyssa – the debt I’m focused on for September is our consumer debt/credit cards. And, we actually lease a car – I know they say it’s the worst financial move, but for us it makes sense so we don’t have to haggle on the trade-in and we’re out of a car in a few years (constant maintenance, etc). We may consider purchasing a car when this lease is up because our other vehicle will probably be dead by then. I need to start a savings fund for that, actually. Our other vehicle is paid off though.

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