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I chose the winner last week and it was Ryann! I loved her idea above, so I thought I would go ahead and try this with the kids. It's still too cold to be outside (not that I'd venture into cold-man's land), but this was an indoor activity we were supplied for and allowed the boys to be creative.

I am a scrapbooker. Or, I was. Well, I guess I still am. Honestly, I haven't scrapped much since I started to blog. But, even when I was caught up with the boys' albums, I never ever even though to get them to make layouts for their own books. It is a fantastic idea. Not only am I scrapping memories with pictures, bu I am using their art for my backdrop.

I wanted to do a few layouts for upcoming events for each of the boys. I wanted the layouts to match the timeframe in which I was taking pictures, essentially. To be honest, Andon is just a newborn in all of our scrapbooks so I didn't want to have him make his own Hospital Page if ya know what I mean :)

Caleb has been playing Upward basketball this year. He loves it! They are the Cougars. Since the team colors are blue and orange, we chose the orange paper and blue ink to use for stamping the basketball hoop all over the page. Of course, we added his team name and a few stickers too. I don't think I could have made this layout any more perfect. He did a wonderful job!!

Scrapbooking Caleb

Andon's layout was for his upcoming 3rd Birthday (I cannot believe my baby is almost 3!!). I let him put the stickers on himself. As you can see his name is not exactly aligned. That's the beauty in scrapbooking, imperfection is really perfection when I look at all of our past memories! He got a wee bit carried away with the stamp too.

Scrapbooking Andon

This was fun to do with the kids. I've found myself saying that a lot as I have worked on this campaign with Campbell's to create Winter Weather Fun. I won't say I'm a crafty mom by any means (it would take more than a few weeks for that). I have found that the boys get along so well with one another when they are creative though. To me, finding and documenting these new indoor winter activities is totally worth it!

Stay tuned next week as I share a very simple idea to help with creativity and messes!

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  1. Ryann on February 4, 2010 at 9:59 am

    So glad to see you all enjoyed the scrapping together.

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