Make Your Own Pre-Packaged Items and Save

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Hilary:

Think about how much money is spent on snacks that offer little nutritional value. Avoid buying things in boxes such as cookies and crackers. If you have time during the week make them yourself. Spend your money on staples (whole wheat flour, sugar, eggs etc) and you will have the ingredients to make just about anything. Even though the initial cost may be more, you can make dozens and dozens of cookies from a single bag of flour. You and your kids will eat less processed food and you will save money in the process.

While you are at it, skip the packaged seasoning mixes that can cost over a dollar a package. Instead, stock your spice cabinet with common spices and look up recipes on the internet. In other words don't buy chili seasoning, fajitas seasoning, stew seasoning etc. Buy a few spices and make them yourself. You will find it to be a fraction of the cost and will taste better too…a lot of those spice packages have preservatives and MSG. Think about what you are paying for the cost of convenience :)

What snacks or recipes do you make yourself to save more?
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