Learning to Sew Will Help You Save!

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Kristin:

Learning how to sew can help you save a lot of money! You can use a sewing machine to help you quickly hem your pants, darn holes in your clothes, fix torn seams, etc. which allows you to get more wear out of clothes you already have.

You can use your sewing skills to create items you want or need for less if you think creatively. Instead of buying curtains for our bathroom, I bought a bed sheet at Goodwill. Using the sheet, some dowel rods, and very basic sewing skills, I was able to make curtains for next to nothing!

Don't know how to sew and don't have the time to learn? Find a friend who does and barter with them. Watch his/her children for free one evening in exchange for hemming their pants.

Do you barter your skills to save money?
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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 25, 2012

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