Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

When you are buying a laptop, it is very important to have some clarity about what you want. There are so many options and choices these days with computers that you will quickly find yourself drowning in the details if you try to wing it. If you are ready to buy and you know you want a laptop over a tablet or desktop, then these five questions should help you sort it all out:

What is my budget?

Just like any major purchase, budget has to play a role in your choices. If you have plenty of cash to throw around, you probably don’t need this article. Just go out and buy the top of the line model. If you are like most of the rest of us, then you need to stay within a budget. Figure that out first, and then work within those parameters.

Windows or a Mac?

This question is not as straightforward as it used to be. At one time, you were either a Mac or a PC. That is no longer the case with the release of Windows 8. For many, the new Windows is a pain in the tail. That has caused some to consider Mac that otherwise would be automatically buying Windows. If your budget is under $1000, the decision is easy. You have no choice but to go with Windows.

Hybrid or Not?

The new hybrid models are quite popular but they leave a bit to be desired in for many as well. They are not as powerful and they certainly are not going to be as good as a stand alone. If you like the flexibility of being able to remove the keyboard and using it as a tablet, then the hybrid if for you.

How big is too big?

Some folks like them small and easy to tuck away and others like them as large as possible to watch their movies and videos. Figure out ahead of time and you can narrow your choices considerably. Screen size does make a huge difference if your sight is less than desirable and weight is not an issue with the majority of models. Get the size that makes you feel the most comfortable.

How much RAM?

You can pretty much be sure that you will get 4GB and if not, then walk away. That is about the minimum you would want for a typical laptop these days. Given that you won’t usually have to pay a ton more, you really should go ahead and grab one around 8GB. If you do lots of things at once, it will help a great deal and you will have plenty of room for performance.

Buying a laptop does not have to be extremely complicated. Know what you want ahead of time and go in with your eyes open. If you do this, you will find the perfect laptop that fits your needs at the price you want.

What other laptop buying question do you have?

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