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Kroger Shell Gas

Effective Monday, February 15, Kroger and Shell are partnering together to offer Kroger Plus Card customers an even greater advantage to save on gasoline purchases. Simply scan your Kroger or Ralph's Plus Card at participating Shell Gas Stations and you will receive the same fuel benefits once only available to you at Kroger Gas Stations. This new partnership will only be available in the following cities: Cincinnati, Dayton, Knoxville, Nashville and San Diego.

A mini recap of the Kroger Fuel Saver Rewards Program:

  • Earn one Fuel Point for every dollar spent at Kroger stores.
  • Earn 100 Fuel Points by purchasing $50 in gift cards (in the gift card caddy).
  • Earn 100 Fuel Points when you purchase two eligible prescriptions.

You will see your Fuel Points balance after each purchase at the bottom of your receipt.

As a Kroger customer, I do appreciate this change. There have been many times that I have foregone the fuel discount because the Kroger Gas Station was out of the way. Having another option is a nicer benefit for us. Well, at least I have have less of an excuse if our earned Fuel Points expire! I think the last time we filled up, we had a $.50 credit per gallon – that is a LOT!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 13, 2010


  • AB Smith - February 13, 2010 @ 3:36 pm

    This is great news since our local krogers doesnt have gas pumps. I have never even paid attention to the gas rewards because of that.

    i wonder,.. on the kroger website it says with your Kroger Mastercard you can save .15 per gallon – does that also apply at Shell?

  • Carolyn - February 13, 2010 @ 7:35 pm

    I wonder why the gas rewards are different between Central Ohio and Cincinnati? I’m an hour north of Columbus, and we get cents-off per gallon based on what we spend, ie, 10-cents off each gallon if you spend between $150-299 in a month, 20-cents for spending $300-450, etc. (so my discount this month is based on last month’s spending). You get 4 fill-ups a month (sometimes 8, if they’re running a promotion) with that discount. And I can’t use any type of discount if I use my loyalty card at a Kroger pump down there; it starts all over with the Cincinnati reward system. We’re in the Cincinnati are frequently, so it’d be nice if it was a uniform program.

    • Andrea Deckard - February 14, 2010 @ 2:18 pm

      Carolyn (and all), I am going to participate on a conference call tomorrow with Kroger regarding this new partnership. I will ask those questions. I’ve had the SAME question, at least, on the triple coupons. I want some of that triplying ya’ll get up North!!

    • Joe Schmo - March 07, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

      The gas rewards are different due to the areas being under two different operating divisions. Kroger is working to get gas rewards across the country, but they have to get all of the different systems to ‘talk’ to each other…until that happens….

    • Mike Barrett - June 04, 2013 @ 9:07 am

      If you have Giant Eagle Stores in your area, go there before Kroger because you get $0.20 off per gallon for every $50 you spend (immediately)!
      You also get discounts on in store items for gas purchases.
      You spend $100 you get $0.40 per gallon off
      $300 gets you $1.20 per gallon off (right now) and so on.
      If you are planning to buy something that’s going to cost you, then buy Giant Eagle prepaid cards to pay for your purchases and reap the fuel savings.

  • bjoy - February 13, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

    This is all new to me and I tried to understand it on the Kroger Fuel Rewards website but didn’t understand.

    With the Kroger fuel rewards do you know how many rewards = cents? ie. How many cents off per gallon would 91 points get me? Are they the same at the Kroger Fuel Station and Shell?

    Also, do you know if I have 91 points in January and they expire 2/28, if I get gas once in February trying to use those January points, would I be able to use all of those January points or does it use February points too? is there a limit of how many reward points I use in one fill up?

    Thanks so much for your help once again!

    • Anonymous - March 14, 2010 @ 9:25 am

      Those 91 points from January do not combine with the February points. At Kroger fuel centers, you can get $0.40 off if you have at least 400 points for example. At Shell, you can only use the $0.10 discount so you would subtract 100 points from your Kroger card. If you go to the web site:, it explains the fuel program.

      Notice in the Toledo area, that for only 50 points you can receive a $0.20 discount!

      3 Ways to Save on Fuel:
      In Toledo, Portsmouth, Waverly and Wheelersburg, Ohio

      1. Spend $50 at your local pharmacy and receive $.20 cents off your fuel purchase.*

      2. Spend $50 or more on gift cards and receive $.20 cents off your fuel purchase.**

      3. Spend $50 or more on groceries and receive $.20 cents off your fuel purchase.

      • Andrea Deckard - March 14, 2010 @ 11:14 am

        Thanks for commenting, Anonymous! This specific fuel rewards program is different by region. I think they are starting in a select number of cities before they expand more broadly.

  • Debbie - February 14, 2010 @ 3:16 am

    This is great. :) I really hope they expand this to Texas. I have to go so far out of my way to use the Kroger fuel points, and we regularly stop at a Shell station, so this would be perfect for us. :)

  • Carolyn - February 15, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

    I know you’re “off” this week, so I’ll look forward to next week to hear what Kroger said. We just had a triple coupon weekend (they’re usually a 4-day event), and I’d be happy to have you come along the next time! Our Kroger also routinely doubles up to 99-cents; some stores even 30 minutes away don’t do that. I’m sure it’s all part of a very strategic marketing plan, but it’s definitely confusing at times!

  • Shirley - February 16, 2010 @ 4:32 pm

    is shell oil American oil or foreign oil. I buy American

  • Lori Ledermeier - March 24, 2010 @ 8:12 pm

    I have saved as much as $.70 per gallon – make sure to provide your Kroger card when filling prescriptions! Note that my husband and I wait until we are at 1/4 or less and then go together. We fill my van, hold the nozzle, pull up and fill his car. We would get my son in on the action – but his “Benz” only takes premium. We have purchased up to 32 gallons – what a savings!

  • kenny - November 02, 2010 @ 1:59 pm


  • Angi MacAllister - July 14, 2013 @ 10:48 am

    Slow down on recommending the Kroger & Shell back-scratching team till you know more about this:

    Published on May 15, 2013
    NBC 4 exposes how Jiffy Lube rips their customers off by telling them they need unnecessary repairs.
    News & Politics
    Standard YouTube License

    KROGER stores, you are also in on this thing due to your partnership with SHELL OIL CO.

    Shell Oil owns JL. Terrific. There goes my favorite gas station. Back to BP.

    Jiffy Lube did my last oil change and new wiper-blade purchase.

    When I say last, I mean LAST. My car lost power and would not re-start on State Route 49 out of Trotwood, Ohio.

    I did wonder if it was something they knocked loose or what they may have done for it to die before leaving town. Guess I’m not alone.

    Oh, and the store at that location was completely gone, building bulldozed sometime between that last service I did with them April 3, 2012 and earlier in 2013. Shock and awe for me.

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