Items to Reuse

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from an anonymous reader:

I reuse envelopes by puting a sticker over the writing and putting the blank side of paper in the plastic window. I reuse all boxes, stuffing, bubble wrap, etc and use them for mailing boxes overseas.

I have been making overpayments on my mortgage for years. I round it up to the nearest dollar every month. When it was 666.70 a month I sent in 700 a month etc. It is now 686 and I still send in 700.

Everybody should look at everything they discard to see if it can be used again before tossing it in the trash. I uselaundry soap buckets for trash cans in the shop, dog food containers, car wash buckets, etc.

Ice cream buckets can be used for cat food containers etc or even lunch buckets.

What do you reuse to save?
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