Inexpensive Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day is next weekend (June 17th to be exact). Don't you dare forget for your hubby or dads in your life! Our anniversary is next week too so I decided to do a combo gift for hubby this year which I know he is gonna love. It's a bit on the pricey side but I've been saving for it.

In typical fashion, we don't spend a whole lot on Father's or Mother's Day gifts (although, hubs did splurge on me this year too :). Honestly, it doesn't have to cost a lot for Father's Day gifts anyway. To be perfectly honest, my husband would be fine with a homemade card from the boys which we have also done. You can get one for FREE from until June 8 (those details are here).

If you do want to pick up something for the Dad in your life, here are a few ideas to inspire you to save while you're at it.

Basket Full of Faves

What does he like? Put them all in a cooler so he can enjoy each item and have the cooler to keep his drinks cold on a day out. The Amazon $5 Magazine sale is going on now. Or, we share other great magazines deals priced at $5 or less everyday.

Grilling Gifts

I will grill outside but normally it's because hubby just isn't home. He's the head grillmaster in the family! Visit your local TJ Maxx or Marshall's to find some grilling gear inexpensive. Pick up an apron at Michael's and let the kids decorate it.

Daily Deal Sites

These are great for last minute gifts too. I'm sure there will be some good deals on the different sites that will be of interest to dad. Find a list of my fave daily deal sites here.

Homemade Gifts

Take those Michael's coupons and pick up a kit to make a gift. We have done stepping stones before. Also, letting the kids decorate a mug would be inexpensive and fun. This personalize collage DIY is adorable!

Dinner Out

Pick up a gift certificate when they're on sale. Last year they had a $2 sale for a $25 gift certificate. I'm sure that will return again and we will definitely let you know what coupon code to use (so subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are notified too)!

Dinner In

Make dinner or dessert at home for your  hubs or dad. The coupon database has tons of great coupons for items that may not be advertised on sale this week but is on your grocery list for that special day!

What inexpensive Father's Day gift ideas do you have?
Click over to the site and leave a comment here and let us know!

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