How to Stock Up with Quantity Limitations

This coupon questions comes from Jamie…

I tried shopping at CVS with coupons and some sort of strategy today. I do have a question though. I thought I could purchase more than one of the pampers on sale in separate transactions but was told by the cashier that I was limited to one and it was tied to my savings card and wouldn't allow me more than one ECB no matter how many transactions I broke it into. I only bought one to get the savings I was looking for.

With a situation like this how can you stock up. Was the cashier right?

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Jamie, it depends on that deal. If there is a limitation for the ECB deal, you can only purchase that amount with each card you own. However, if it's a situation of an ECB that is “$5 ECB WYB $25 in Pampers” then you can break it up into multiple transactions.

You are still limited to one ECB on the deal, but you are breaking up your purchases. On the final transaction that you meet the $25 purchase requirement, your ECB would print. If you tried to do that deal again with the same card, an ECB wouldn't print.

Now for the question on how to stock up, there are a few things I would suggest specifically for the drugstores.

Don't be brand loyal. When you see a similar deal for the same product but on another brand, grab that too.

CVS states one card per household on most deals. However, if you have a friend or parent who won't buy that specific deal, ask them to buy it for you. Have them either use the ECB's they receive to purchase other items you need or just give you cash and they can use the ECB's for what they need.

For other stores where limitations are imposed per visit, make separate visits throughout the week.

Do you have other suggestions for stockpiling with quantity limitations?

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  1. Alice @ EarningMyTwoCents on August 17, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I agree. My sister often does not do ECB deals so she can get them for me which can help stockpile. But I often find that a deal will repeat at another store. For example, if there is a deal on Naturemade vitamins at CVS one week, often Rite Aid will do a deal on Naturemade vitamins the following week. The drugstores are competing with eachother and often run similar deals, so check both circulars.

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