How To Start Couponing and Save

Learn how to start couponing to save money and time!

Last updated: August 28, 2016

From Helaine:

I am so completely overwhelmed. I need help to learn everything I can about couponing and saving money. My husband's out of work and its just my job. I need your help badly. Where do I begin and how do I get there?

This can be overwhelming but doesn't have to be.  I would suggest you start with the Free Online Coupon Course. This information contains many posts I wrote early on in my blogging days. These 7 simple steps will take you through the following topics to get you saving more immediately:

{Step 1} Set a Budget. Do you have a personal budget for grocery shopping and meal planning. Without a budget you won’t know how much you have to spend to even begin to save.

{Step 2} Get some Coupons. Learn where to find coupons. Also learn about eCoupons and purchasing coupons through a coupon clipping service.

{Step 3} Organize your Coupons. Emphasized the importance of organization and offered an overview of two popular organization methods. Finding a method that works for you is the best approach to organization!

{Step 4} Focus on One Store. This is one of the most important tips as you start. When you focus on one store, you become an informed shopper of their policies.

{Step 5} Plan your Purchases. Proper planning makes shopping simple and efficient! Learn my 3 simple steps to save!

{Step 6} Stockpile Tips. Understand how to build your stockpile. Also, learn what I call “Penny Planning” and how that is imperative in purchasing large quantities for your stockpile at the best savings possible!

{Step 7} Learn to Play Drugstores. The drugstores take a little more to “get” in my opinion.  Learn the rules to shop at CVS and Walgreens. Steps 1-6 help make playing the drugstores a saving success!

This should help you as you get started. If you have questions on any of the steps, be sure to leave a comment in each post. I answer a lot in the comments!

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  1. theresa on June 30, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    i love couponing, but in massachusetts they do not allow the things they show on extreme couponing. if i have a buy one get one coup, i cannot use $1 off coupons with them. it’s frustrating learning how to do the whole couponing thing. i am not giving up. i have saved hundreds already, but my grocery bill is still big.

    • Jennifer on January 3, 2014 at 5:07 am

      Theresa you do realize that Extreme Couponing show is fake and in a lot of trouble

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