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Learn how to start couponing to save money and time!

Last updated: August 28, 2016

From Helaine:

I am so completely overwhelmed. I need help to learn everything I can about couponing and saving money. My husband’s out of work and its just my job. I need your help badly. Where do I begin and how do I get there?

This can be overwhelming but doesn’t have to be.  I would suggest you start with the Free Online Coupon Course. This information contains many posts I wrote early on in my blogging days. These 7 simple steps will take you through the following topics to get you saving more immediately:

{Step 1} Set a Budget. Do you have a personal budget for grocery shopping and meal planning. Without a budget you won’t know how much you have to spend to even begin to save.

{Step 2} Get some Coupons. Learn where to find coupons. Also learn about eCoupons and purchasing coupons through a coupon clipping service.

{Step 3} Organize your Coupons. Emphasized the importance of organization and offered an overview of two popular organization methods. Finding a method that works for you is the best approach to organization!

{Step 4} Focus on One Store. This is one of the most important tips as you start. When you focus on one store, you become an informed shopper of their policies.

{Step 5} Plan your Purchases. Proper planning makes shopping simple and efficient! Learn my 3 simple steps to save!

{Step 6} Stockpile Tips. Understand how to build your stockpile. Also, learn what I call “Penny Planning” and how that is imperative in purchasing large quantities for your stockpile at the best savings possible!

{Step 7} Learn to Play Drugstores. The drugstores take a little more to “get” in my opinion.  Learn the rules to shop at CVS and Walgreens. Steps 1-6 help make playing the drugstores a saving success!

This should help you as you get started. If you have questions on any of the steps, be sure to leave a comment in each post. I answer a lot in the comments!

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About Andrea Deckard

Andrea Deckard is a personal finance expert and speaker. She lives by the following motto, "save on what you need so you can spend on what you want." She started Savings Lifestyle in 2008, and long-time readers remember the site as Mommy Snacks. Andrea is a go-to resource on frugal living for local news outlets such as WDTN, WGRR, and as well as national outlets like Good Morning America. She has also been featured in multiple national publications.


  1. theresa on June 30, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    i love couponing, but in massachusetts they do not allow the things they show on extreme couponing. if i have a buy one get one coup, i cannot use $1 off coupons with them. it’s frustrating learning how to do the whole couponing thing. i am not giving up. i have saved hundreds already, but my grocery bill is still big.

    • Jennifer on January 3, 2014 at 5:07 am

      Theresa you do realize that Extreme Couponing show is fake and in a lot of trouble

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