How to Save Money on Diapers


There is nothing quite like holding a precious little baby: those eyes, those feet…and those trips to the store to buy diapers? Nobody wants to do that but every parent has been there.

Paying money for diapers is no fun at all and saving cash on them is always a welcome prospect. If you are spending a small fortune on diapers, there are some things you can do to mitigate your cost. Here are some of the more popular ideas:

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Use Coupons

When our youngest was in diapers, I had a stockpile of diapers for at least 6 months. I always stocked up when new coupons came available and I'd ask my friends for their coupons too! Coupons made our budget stretch a little further during a time when it was literally strapped.

One of the best ways to score diaper coupons is to go to each company website and sign up for their mailers. They will fill your mailbox with baby coupons and send you special deals in the mail. Also watch your weekly inserts in the newspapers and mailbox.

Understand Price Per Diaper

Price per diaper is far more important that price per box. People see a big box and automatically think it is a better deal. The fact is, the number of diapers per box is highly variable depending on size. You might have several boxes the same size in dimensions but with differing numbers of diapers for each size. If the prices are all the same, smaller sized diapers become the best bargains since more diapers fit in the box.

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Buy in Bulk

When you find diapers at a bargain rate, buy a TON of them. Diapers are likely one of the more expensive items in your budget. When you find a truly low priced one you simply have to invest. Bulk buying when you find super low price options is the highest impact move you can make to save money on diapers.

If you fear your child will outgrow the size before they are used, you can always return diapers to the brick & mortar store locations like Target and Walmart. Or, you can donate to a shelter since diapers are always something they need.

Don’t be Brand Loyal

Brands are important to some folks and that is understandable. Still, you have to really think about what we are buying here. We are buying a diaper. I always purchased the Target store brand with our kids. They worked just as well as any name brand. Don't worry about the brand, worry about the quality along with best bargain.

Stay Smaller Longer

Of course we can’t make our kids stop growing, but we certainly can surf the edge when it comes to moving up a size. Remember the point made up above about the smaller sizes giving the best bang for the buck? This is why it is a good idea to stay in the smaller sizes longer. If the kid is being protected and the diaper is comfortable, you can keep the diaper size where it is at.

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Rewards Programs

Rewards programs like Pampers Gifts to Grow are fantastic ways to save cash. You join up and get points for items that you are going to spend money on anyway. Every little bit helps if you are trying to raise a family, so what is a few extra minutes to do this? Go ahead and get what you can from it.

Cloth Diapers

There are several cloth diaper options at various price points

Consider Cloth

It seems that cloth people are not disposable people and vice versa, but there is certainly room for you to try both. Cloth has advantages and savings is one of them. Not everyone can do cloth comfortably and the savings are not massive. It is up to each individual whether it is worth it or not.

These are the primary ways to save money on diapers but there are certainly quite a few others out there and I'd love to hear your diaper saving strategies!

How have you saved money on diapers?

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